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This is being today with poet christon lyman p so if i ask you think about yourself in church all those years ago and west texas the church you grew up in which was just given to you like the area breathed and then when you're in church now what's going on it's different has that experience different well it's cut its utterly different i think it's a it's a weaker experience now i mean i'm just two conscious i'm had i'm unable to let my myself i wish i were able to let myself go in ways than uh those people did in my childhood and still do and when i go to my mother's church now it's one of those big megachurches and and uh you know i don't agree with their theology and i don't like a a lot of the ways that they commercialise their services but it is uh incredibly diverse church and it and the people are intensely involved with their they're treating as if their whole life were at stake and the churches i go to liberal protestant churches it seems pretty casual i wish there were some credible middle ground i wish there were there were some way of uh harnessing that the intensity that i felt in my childhood in more sophisticated way as i may be another way of describing what the new language they you that we talked about that a lot of people now are searching for it's not as new languages new forms right your bear the guard is a big has a big role to play in the art encompassing art arrayed if i think of some of the most intense experiences in my life they artistic experiences and and not simply making art but responding to it and i think if a church could allow those experiences to happen without necessarily putting them in place and saying they have to be no they mean this in our littered year they they represented at each and every selfconscious he now when people disarray inject art in tim worship it right that's the dancer there you talking about i've seen i've seen it done well yes i've i've seen it done well where it it is just in fact i did i'm just coming from i uh i was out on would be islands madda conference and.

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