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I still got is my biggest inspiration. I think you're going to do a lot of good work. Not only as an artist but as a biologist working through medical school and given that you're painting speaks to the effects of uranium contamination on the body. It seems like a perfect mix of your skill sets that you're also looking to find ways is a healthcare worker to help those in indian country or in your community that have been affected by uranium mining Mallory where can people see your work. I can be found Mainly on instagram My most up to date. I am at 'em dot u. e. t. w. k. i. dot art and If you're ever in the unm area. i'm right next to the domenici center at stanford house College of pharmacy. And you can do all the original artwork that i have done for the program. Thank you and adrian. Where can people find your work I have a website. Stimpson dot com h. e. r. i a. n. f. t. m. s. o. n. dot com. And if you googled meet articles come thank you so again. This show has been about the art exhibit called exposure at the i a museum of contemporary native arts in santa fe it features art from indigenous artists inspired by nuclear contamination in their native lands. And we hope it caused you to contemplate of the radioactive accents are manmade disasters in your own native community and also hope it causes you to contemplate how you feel about that and what art can possibly do in order to Continue a conversation a fight against this so we have reached the end of the hour and the like to say thank you to our guests manuela. Well off man. Tania willard mallory kentucky and adrian stimpson. I'm back next week for another lineup. Discussions about indigenous issues and topics. Our executive producer is art hughes. Our associate producer. Andy murphy reno. Spencer is the engineer. Nola davis most distribution director and. Bob peterson is the network manager for native voice. One clifton chadwick our national underwriting. Sales director antonio gonzalez is the anchor for national native news and we had additional help this week from trip krause and megan cambric and charles. Saether is our chief operations officer. The president and ceo of broadcast corporation is jacqueline. Slee and i'm your host elissa. London have a.

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