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It seems we may have reached that point with one vladimir guerrero junior this season as of tuesday morning. He's thousands of a point behind. Michael brantley for the lead in batting average though. He has seventy more appearances than brantley. Three homers behind the headline-stealing shohei otani and four. Rbi up on the aforementioned shohei and while rbi are hardly the best barometer of players talent in evaluation anymore come and is still pretty cool. It's a triple crown. What's more impressive about body. Junior is he goes far beyond traditional triple crown categories however he's tops and opie s a tick under eleven hundred even better than any of might trout's best seasons by the way his. Opiates plus one ninety five. A steady takes into account ballpark and league. Where league average one hundred and each number above or below is a percentage meaning. He's ninety five percent better than league average. This season is only surpassed by guys. Like jami trout tomi and maguire in the al and the last twenty five years. And what's even more impressive is the fact that he's a complete power hitter at such a young age in a full season. There's only one other player twenty two or younger to hit at least three. Twenty-five have an ob bp of at least four twenty five and slugging percentage over six fifty all numbers. Vladi junior hits at this point. That player ted williams in nineteen forty one. Yes the year. He hit four zero six and shohei might steal all bank and rightfully so but if he somehow falters in the second half. Don't be shocked if flighty junior garners much more. Mvp consideration going forward was a big week in the big leagues it or is it fair and now feared shadow. League dot com mlb insider jr gamble jr is if foul or fair to say that the mets can tread water without their ace jacob. Degrom fair even without jacob degrom who will be needed in the playoffs. The mets can't survive with taiwan walker. And marcus stroman throwing lights out as they have all season. The mets offense is pretty inept. Outside of peter lonzo and adding a proven that like chris. Bryant's can only help them in the national league east there's reportedly a bidding war between the washington nationals and mets but if i'm bryant i definitely want to come to a first place team that desperately needs me to remain in first place. Washington hasn't been consistent all season long and they seem to need a lot more than solid back. As far as the mets go a reliable all star hitter added to the mix is all they really need. The pitching is solid in bryant. Only twenty nine. it can still rake. He hit thirty one homers in two thousand nineteen and sixteen homers and forty eight. Rbi which would put him. Second on the mets immediately so detroit for him as a no brainer. Only problem is the cubs will be looking to fleece the mets are in a position of power right now and don't have to make a move but if they do probably have to give up some top prospects including mlb bro khalil league. It seems like a perfect match. For the mets end brian he'd probably be revived playing in a new town. Get it done money into more money though. It's time for betting on the basis. With dave gas guy that money that money rob what is up. Man's been along time. Let's get right into first things. First on friday night at the san francisco giants and the pittsburgh pirates pirates of the worst teams in all of major league. Baseball the giants. It looks like they're not going anywhere. Nationally west division is up for grabs the giants dodgers and of course the san diego padres on taking the home team the giants and this one will crow going for pittsburghese one in five this season with an ira at six twelve. Speaking of the dodgers they have dominated the colorado rockies season. David price is on the bomb. Friday night first pitches at ten ten eastern. I'm taking the dodgers and this one hands down. The dodgers should have their way this entire series as well against colorado and then on top of that the chicago cubs they get things underway a little bit earlier on friday in the windy city gets arizona diamondbacks zag gallon goin for them. One in four the season you're at three eighty six davies going for the home team in this one ariza's nearly thirty games under five hundred on the season. Some pound the cubbies and that one as well the next time for trash talk twitter with with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball. This week tries to come from at robert tino fifty three any tweeted meat is. I'm a yankees fan. I trashed cashman. He has failed to produce a chip while the red sox have retooled rice at one. Dry ice i to last last two. I suddenly not with throttling steps on athletic players. Stanton will be here making lula until the second coming. If you want to be featured in ordinary trash talking. Hit me up all my twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lives by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer and broadcaster older new now. Let's welcome into the podcasts. Russell dorsey buddy of mine. A friend of mine. Who is the chicago cubs beat writer for the chicago sun-times. What's up bro. how you man. I'm chilling chilling. Good to hear from you could see i. It was always good to give a text for my guy midler and now Doing well how are you. I'm doing great. And i can't wait to see you in saint louis on top it up and eat and catch up. But let's talk about those clubs that you cover and going into thursday night's game wednesday night's game in saint. Louis there were tied with the cardinals. Both have forty seven forty eight right gertz where all the cubs dirt tied for. Third plays eight games allowed. Is this team on the brink of collapsing. Or do they have a little energy left that maybe they can make a raw well. I think this is the calm for the storm. I think this is one of the season where everybody pretty much knows. What's going to happen They were in first place for a while. Rob like they. They had a good team. That you look at that lineup. All paper you lie. This still superstars in this lineup. But at the same time no they had that eleven game losing streak and that's really where that seats in you know. We're in the tank. And so with that deadlines coming up it kind of worked out for president You can look at it and say all right. We can use this to read to a little bit retool on the fly maybe have some money to spend an off season at turn things around over the next couple of years but it feels like this is the end for this. Group is currently a simple and you talk about the trade deadline which is next friday. July thirtieth and john peterson was already traded right. I mean that wasn't signed wasn't it. Was that the the stores in business. Oh yeah absolutely. I think that was the the that warning shots of the rest of the league lie. Hey jets phone is on. He's willing to make some calls. And so you look at it. And say are who's could could be traded so that that trio by brian. Rizzo all those guys are last year. They're deal so obviously. Those guys are all on the table. I don't think by at and rizzo go anywhere but bryant with what he's been able to do. Bounceback season is versatility. That's guy a lot of contenders to have on their roster in craig kimbrel who's come back to being the closer that he's proven to be or allow hall of famer. He's done well. After the bounceback added point twenty is really showing that he could be that elite guy against so. That's another guy site could bring back. You know a decent bit of value for the cubs as they looked reach doors. Thing was i. I just get the sense that chris. Brian is the guy definitely that will as as that That he's valuable to some teams had to put money on at say that chris. Brian is probably the guy and they gets moving. I think there's been a misconception over the years that kris bryant didn't wanna be a cup because of who is agent is and all i. He's one of my favorite. Athletes were favorite players to cover. Good guy down to earth. Maybe one of the most humble supersize you'll come across but the feels like that time has come and good progressive. He can stay healthy and goes somewhere. He's still gonna be that force at the blade for a long time. It's only twenty nine years old so but does feel like this. Is that time for chris where it was to get an opportunity to go play continued. It's you good afternoon. Would you like to try a free sample of our double fudge brownie. Sure that's very good. I'll just take one more just to be sure. Yep still very good. Some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and geico. Saving folks. Lots of money on their car insurance macadamia nut. I taste take one more. Yeah i thought so. Fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percent or more fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Is that shakespeare. it's geico i. Yeah that's shakespeare from one of his unpublished works. Which be not for awakening may give it the other batteries for fifteen minutes. Could save you fifteen percent toll more. No it's from geico. Because they help save people money. Well i hate to break it to you but geico got it from shakespeare geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Our guest is a store see. Of course he covers the chicago cubs. Chicago sun tonto. Second year on the beat for the Sometimes and. Let's talk about by says. Rizzo who you both mentioned of course along with brian. All free weird that all through these guys are up. Ranch is is usually. don't do that You know are they going to what about rizzo and by as the chances of them resigning or or do name move on and then a gut the whole thing. When they won the world series back people thought this was to be dynasty with the young nucleus that they had they got the one. And that's been it so. Is there a chance that those two guys could be gone as well. Well i think when we think about yeah we thought these guys are going to be together for ten plus years. It didn't work out that way. They won their idol. Which you know. That's always the goal they got to this point and didn't win. That would be the bigger disappointment but they have. And sometimes you know you've been covering sports not just baseball like you can't keep it. Everybody right as just the nature of the beast. So i think these guys. They got offered extensions. It wasn't to their liking. That's fair representation. Said no we're gonna hold out and those guys upheld out. Do i still think there's a possibility. Those two guys sign extensions. Sure it might be during the offseason. But i do think in some capacity especially rizzo It's older guy core mystical to plano light. You that's a guy that you think is going to retire but you never know in this business and i. It has shown himself to be one of the most electric players of the game. That's a guy that you're gonna wanna keep around for a little while. So i think there's an opportunity at some point to resign those guys. It's just deciding what their number is. And what the cubs are willing to go to lasting russ. I'm going to the white sox twins game on wednesday night in chicago. Who thought that the white sods would have the live team. That is running away with it and got some swag and you know a happened. Fawn a main. You wouldn't have been able to convince me that a few years ago that it wouldn't be cops in this position. How surprised you just that. The cubs are taken aback. Steve's or white saw. I saw the way the socks built this thing and they did it right. They got some buying from young guys. That did as we talk about. The coast did sign an extensive thoroughly. And those guys turned into stuck with them so they got those guys locked up the while. Ta signed an extent before he even took. He's become one of the best player of the game too so they have a squad over there. They just locked up lance lynn. Who's coming into been a really good piece of their rotation. So they did it the right way and they're going to be a fun team prone no doubt his name. Rosty man check them out on. Twitter stuff covers chicago cubs for the chicago. Sun-times one of my menotti's on very proud that my man appreciate reason number one thousand fifteen. Why major league baseball is better than the nba. Any nfl on tuesday night after watching the nba finals. Game six wrapped up. With the milwaukee bucks won the championship over the phoenix. Johns i was with a bunch of chicago sports writers and broadcasters and what we broke. Got an debate about the whole aid what a shock. No wasn't a shock. Baseball's hall of fame was revered. Everybody pooh-poohed the basketball hall of fame. We didn't even really up the pro football hall of fame. It was all the debate was all about the baseball hall of fame. Names were being thrown our stature be drawn out who deserves to be an. And that's the point is that there's really only one hall of fame that people care about and these weren't even just all baseball riders these sports writers and broadcasters who cover all the sports and the biggest obey the biggest pushback biggest noise were about baseball player and where they fit in as far as making it to the hall of fame all he had one trump card of all those knuckleheads. I actually have a hall of.

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