Spondylitis, Myalgia discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


She has been diagnosed with my phone syndrome men to be syndrome. Ankylosing spondylitis. And she is very Nordic since March. She starts leaving when she's eating any food. Okay. Sounds like a gluten tall, say this is a woman is very, very toxic. The connective tissue is the part of the body that connects everything together at it's also the part of the body that nourishes electrifies detoxify and, and, and oxygenates all of the south. The connective tissue is the great dumping ground of talk city from the digestive system. So we the food goes into the blood if it's if it doesn't get processes through the intestine correctly talks literally literally leak into the blood once happens. You've got toxins floating around in the blood, eventually those talks are gonna get dumped out into the connective tissue and things like fiber, myalgia, chronic fatigue, syndrome, and connective tissue diseases, which this woman has, or manifestations of talk city in the connective tissue. There is not. Zero nothing. The pharmacological model can do for this nothing zero. I don't know how much how can you ways that can emphasize that nothing. But what you can do is, you can begin to clean the blood, and she's lucky she's lucky she's young as we age, by the way. Yes, he's young as we get older. We all have manifestations of this, not as dramatic as more fan syndrome, which is a disease of the connective tissue or ankylosing spondylitis. Still, we feel tired our bodies start to break down. We get arthritis all the diseases that show up with as we age are manifestations of the same kind of phenomenon talk city in the connective tissue. First and foremost, as always clean the blood out by stopping the stream of talk city that gets into the blood through the digestive track. And that means all the things we talked about eliminating problems foods, making sure you're using your alternate enzymes from you in jeopardy, and your probiotics your nightly essence and, and fiber a hawk kinds of strategies for the digestive for the digestive system. Then start building up that connective tissue arthritis supplements will build up the connective tissue. And by the way, wrinkles in the skin, or sign of connective tissue deterioration, too..

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