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A amount lion roaming around the back yards of los angeles and i mean this is a big big cat in in los angeles in the city wildlife officials were able to tranquilize at the lion was spotted monday in the eastern la can community of zuza right near the san gabriel mountains tv news helicopter showed the cat pawing at the door of a home trying to get in jumping on the roof of a shed leaping over a fence it was a big beautiful mountain lion they were able to tranquilizer and take it back into the mountains now the same thing happened in this ain't george with a bob cat oh this is a beautiful beautiful animal is spotted beautiful till it's attacking you was spotted in the neighborhood in saint george the mel bob cat mailbox cat was spotted at the padre lakes retirement community you know in ivan's where people are kinda slow and easy prey let's it's the retirement community about get senses that the the bob cat had killed a house cap and it was seen hunting for geese and ducks in a pond they are in the retirement community and you know it was just doing what a bob cat does a local resident reported the bobcat to the division of wildlife resources they sent an officer and they put a scented trap in the backyard i think they put bob cat or urine that's how they sent them and they caught it now they didn't tranquilize it was pretty there's some pretty interesting footage of it of.

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