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Is Jay bringing more scifi news for you. So again with being a low close to Halloween decide to bring another Halloween episode of show that I like to this to this podcast to this episode and this is show that I don't know if you could Nestle say it Sifi, but I think it's fair because there's a lot of Saif elements in there. Right. So in another show that all the enough, I resisted, it first, and this is the Sean little behind them this show. I resisted I it's the goldbergs I actually got to meet Adam Goldberg interview, him Wendi mcclendon, Kevin Smith directed a few episodes of this, and it's a show that basically takes place in the nineteen eighties. So there's of course, huge amount of nineteen minutes diligent this show. There really is. They hadn't said we're weird came in all, you know, eighties weird out, which was really, really cool. They've had some really cool eighties guest stars thrown in there. They really have ended basically, I think it has to. It follows or it's loosely based on Adam Goldberg's life when he was a kid. He did a lot of home movies and recordings of his family. And so it's kind of based on the show itself. Now mind, you he doesn't have a sister Erica. He has a brother. Eric, he told me that when he when I met him a few years ago at wonder con and this is a show that yeah I didn't wanna watch it. I, I tried to resist it. I again, how they sister to this show's, really awesome. It's really great you'd love it. You have to check it out for whatever. Weird reason again. Like I resist resist Tigers refused watch this show, and I finally sat in Washington, like why did I resist to watch this show? This is a really cool show. This is a really awesome show. And so something this show is done for. I want to say at least a few seasons now is they like to do like, you know, either like, they'd like to hell we episodes. They really enjoy doing and they've done before some like shows based on movies of the time they did wine on the crazy kid. They did one on Batman. They've done a number of them over the years. This show, I think is on its fifth or sixth season. Right at blue times, fifth season and this show got an order for at least one more season after this. When so it's another really popular show to show an ABC, and I'm so I decided to talk about an episode that I think it was really cool in concept and it brings Robert England to the mix, and this show is called episode is called Mr. knife, Yan's. So it's a Halloween episode at this point, you know, erica's off in college. I think she might have dropped at this point is I'm a little behind. I think that came up on there and you know Adam is older. He's a junior senior at this point. I want to say he's a yeah, he's around there junior senior, and we at at least on this episode don't remember in the past, if we got to see Jackie's family, which Jackie as the girl that he is. It's girlfriend now. She's very sick. To him in, you know, nerdy interests and things like that last season. She was portrayed by Rohan Blanchard. And for some reason, I noticed watching this again a little behind. She's not Jack anymore. It's someone else which I thought was a little weird little strange, but moving on. And so what this episode has to do with is, you know, like course, Beverly Goldberg still thinks Adam is her, you know, little, little baby, you know, even though he's almost a man at this point. Right. And they go to like it's not I don't think it was blockbuster, but something blockbuster like to rent movies, and Jackie's with them. And she says, you know, let's just like we'll just rent, you know, my parents have is rent nightmare on elm street, which he's never seen before. And, you know, his mom, of course, like no, it's too scary nightmares. You know, and she goes now you'll be fine. We'll watch it and Adam Globes like you know what? You're right. I will be fine. I'm gonna be okay, I'll watch this and I have no problems. And of course, surpr-. Price surprise eight freaks them out. He's scared by it. And he does have a few nightmares as the absurd progresses. You know, he gets so freaked out. He actually like, just starts drinking jolt. I think it's jolt cola or volt cola. He he drinks that and he doesn't sleep for days and days, because he knows you're gonna have FREDDY Kruger nightmares. And what this up Assode brings in is that, you know, Beverly is really mad that, like Jackie's parents let you know, Adam watch this movie. How dare they? And that's not bad enough though. It goes deeper to where Jackie's dad at U shows him fan Goria, and he gets to see, you know, like how the movie was made, and that, hey, Freddie, is really just an actor, and it actually kinda helps him get over, you know, his fear and stop having dream stuff of nightmares. Right. And this is what really peeves Beverly, how dare you, you know, make my kid better that's impossible. I'm his mom, only I can make them better so anti causes a little feud. Between Adams, parents and Jackie's parents so chunk of the episode that is going on where, you know, because like because his, his dad doesn't like that Jackie's dad, he thinks they're just kinda hippies and he doesn't like that. He and at the same time, you know, the Jackie's parents don't like you know how they are there to, you know, constricting there to like a strict and, you know, and they wanna to do things a certain way where, you know, Jackie's parents, more relaxed a little bit more chilled out about things. So there's some good moments, you know, of trying to get the two of them apart from each other, and trying to work things out there trying to, you know, rip adamant Jackie apart. And of course, that's not gonna happen. But they think it's going to happen. There's at you really cool scene in this episode, I relate, where Beverly tries to watch the movie, and she actually like, you know, kind of has night about Freddie, but it doesn't go away, Freddie plans, you know, like, and it was really kind of cool to see, like Robert England. Nd in the Freddie, you know, cost him again and in the mask, and there's moments where he goes this kind of not what I'm used to. They need to leave. This is not for me. So it's kind of funny to see, like, you know, him kind of get flipped for liveries like, well, what's going on here? But, you know why, why are you not scared of me? Why are you not all freaked out? What what's happening? I don't understand. And at the same, there's also another story on this episode where, you know, Jeff, which is Erica 's boyfriend really wants to do like some coming couples costume, and she doesn't want to do that anymore because she just doesn't think it's necessary and he wants to be, you know, oats and she wants to be, he's gonna have her be halls, but it's like a box of halls. And he's like Quaker Oats. And so there's that going on. And then there's a moment where she comes to, you know, high school and realizes hanging. She's big person campus. People think she's okwu because, hey, you went to high school in the CMO grown up. And this is really awesome. There's that so plot going on at the same time and at the and as they abso- is progressing, you know, she finds out Hainault it may be like, you know. Things are going on here, then okay with my life, and her in Jeff kinda get stronger. They almost break up, but they work things out. And yeah, it's it was a really cool episode. I think I need to catch up on this season. I'm not too far behind him a little behind from last season two. So I have a little bit catching up to do, but yeah, it was another really good Halloween episode was like I said it was really closely, Robert England comeback and do this role. Again, I think I had heard him say in an interview, or something that he would be okay doing other Freddie, Krueger should they do. Other one I don't know. I wouldn't say, yes, do another freak Krueger. Because honestly, I haven't really watched any of the only one I watched was Freddie versus Jason. That is the. Only thing with FREDDY Krueger I've really watched in, of course, besides this episode now. But yeah it's a good. I wing sewed good Halloween. Episodes of fun wine. There's some cool moments there it's got a really nice ending as most of these episodes still. And it's again it's a little weird that they recast Jackie I really like Roan Blanchard. But the person who was Jackie now I won't say she's bad, either. I won't it was I, I guess I didn't expect it. I was like why you know, watching, and I was like, oh, wow. That's, that's Jackie now that because I remember seeing pictures going, what happened to Jackie. Jackie in Adam break up like he did with Megan. Like man, I hope the heck not because I would kind of suck. But that's not what happened. So yeah, this is available now. Like I said, you can watch this on demand believe you can watch it on the, you know, ABC go, I think is a websites. You can watch these episodes on there. And I would personally highly recommend it, so, yeah, I thought it was another really good. Really funny Halloween episode yourselves. Another short little break. And we won't be back. Back with more scifi news in a moment. Tired of searching, the vast.

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