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At Euclid financial services is because we're able to look at the big picture of retirement and not just hyper focus on what's happening right now in their lives. Because remember your retirement is twenty to thirty years of unemployment. So if the decisions you make are just for today and not for five ten or fifteen years down the road. You are setting yourself up to potentially have to deal with a pit fall or misstep that can affect you more than you can even imagine. Now, Manny one thing that we say a lot. But I absolutely love the visual of it is have you ever seen a dog run after a moving car? This is this is at least twice a day at least once a day. Yes. Yeah. So this is a huge misstep when it comes to retirees. So what is the dog gonna do? Have you ever thought yourself? What's the dog and do when he catches that car? So the idea is retirees are so focused on catching retirement that they're chasing the moving car. If you don't think through what's going to happen. Once you catch that your retirement is going to mangle you or run you over just like, well, the tragedy of that dog catching that car you have to be aware of that. That's what this shows about. So when we're talking about missteps, we're only hyper focused on two of them in those two are going to be income and taxes. I know that they sound well big both of them. But they're definitely something that you can get your mind around if you're just tuning in give us a call at four zero one seven two seven two seven to seven once again that phone number is four zero one seven two seven twenty-seven twenty-seven. We're talking about missteps today we're talking about how to avoid having a bad retirement. We're trying to get you on the path. So the easiest way to do that is. To start thinking into the future or thinking forward don't deal with problems in the present. When you're talking about retirement, you have to foresee what's coming, and that's one of the things that is well, it's a trained skill. So you have to kind of know what's coming. You have to talk to people that have been there before. And that's where Euclid really is key because we've been there. We've retired people. We know what's coming. We've written a book about it. Heck, we've written the the bucket list book about it cheese. We have all kinds of good stuff to help you to and through your retirement. It's in our slogan. It's in our logo. Josh I like the fact you brought up it's a trained skill set. Because baby boomers have the skill set. Because while they were working they were trained to run towards a target, which was save build up gets a retirement. The problem is no one's ever told them. How to convert that skill set to think forward through retired? That's issue a catching that costs usually catching the car. So you're you're running at it because you were told to now. Well, you're right up against it. And now, that's that fear. And it's healthy. Because what if I do retire? What happens? That's the thing that we're trying to get on the table today. And I know it seems high level or it seems like it's not financial. But it's strictly financial when you talk about incomes. You're talking about how to will understand where the income coming from. It's called layered income that gives you a sense of protection that gives you a sense of insulation from downturns fear and loss in the easiest way to say it in..

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