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Deeply games you like other sports. What else do you read books. Are you into cryptocurrency. Do you like I like watching podcast a lot. So what's your favorite one. Don't suggest broken. I watched this one. I'm athlete is on you to psych ollie's football players. They come together ocho cinco all them they come together this cloud life or sta and it is made like l. a. One they have like nick young and Shadow death for that those quotes. So i watch that. Do you know you don't play video games. i play. I'm here and there but only if i'm like like around the other people but not by myself so i mostly just like hanging out with france teammates. Anything just going out joanne. So i remember we're twenty. We're playing halo with. Tv's alleged you bring an extra tv with the cord to the cord during winter. Break we to say we've said college because we environments right that that was twenty years ago as well say what's today's version of final. Yeah for night and closer comedy like halo things. It's like it was like. Yeah fifty hours of like this was. We won't keep you too long. Obviously seasons right around the corner so we love obviously getting to know guys and obviously our connection all with cleveland. We're excited for you I know it is your first season going into the league. But do you have any foundations or anything that you're working on that you would like to promote we'll get there hedge is want to warn you. This is a true true warning. Not all podcasts. Are this fun. yeah okay. we're the funnest one. So just you're gonna be. Oh yeah the podcast. These guys are just gonna crack jokes. And then there's going to be other ones are going to be just like interviews. Hot takes fellow. We just to know about you like what is of about your fans the fans want to know should know about you. We were just about to let him go on this year. End on this like serious. A serious what i want you want to know about you. You seem like.

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