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That should have been a category. I'm staying away from that team team. I think the car, I feel the same way about the cardinals. I don't want to bet on them. I don't want anyone on their fan. I just want to pretend they're not happening. Put them over in a corner. Craig, who do you have? Clyde Edwards. I hate myself for it, but I'm bad. You're bad. You're back on CH. You're three. I've done it every year. I'm not giving up yet. The second I read that the cheese are gonna opt for like a more power run offensive scheme. I was like the Michael Corleone godfather three move. It's like, damn you've changed. I'm back. You know, we should have done with Clyde Edwards to layer. We couldn't even make an acronym out of his name. That should have been our first sign that it might not have worked out for him. He doesn't really roll off the tongue. All right, next category is I wouldn't take him even if he was free guy. I'm just going to do it. It's a podcast. Let's make some noise. McCaffrey's not on my team. I'm Jesus not. He's played ten games up two years. I don't think he could stay in the field and he's not on my team. I have crossed him off my list. He's not in my draft board. I've told my scouts and everyone in my war room, we're not drafting him. He is a D and D do not draft. This is how the patriots number one draft too. Look at all the best players like AJ Brown, not on our board. I love high Fitz lab shots at the Patriots, like he's rooting for this amazing juggernaut of a drafting tape. You painted like the last 7 giant straps? Well, I hated the saquon fic and that you were out here just like trying to defend it for I'm still in. I'm still defending it. You caught me at a bad day with pat straps because we waved Devin assassin a couple days after waving. Our two third round tight ends that were so bad. We then had to overpay hunter Henry and Johnny Smith to make up for these two other third rounders. Anyway, it's kind of like the pitcher spot all these clothes after they got dumped and then like a couple months later you're like, man, these don't work for me. It's really bad. The last 6 years were tough from a job standpoint. Who do you have for wouldn't take them if you were free? So I probably would take it for free, but for me, it's Josh Jacobs, like for the Raiders. I just can't, there's no point in the draft he falls where I'm just like, when he had 250 carers a year, Josh Jacobs made nobody happy. And then now he's going into a Josh McDaniels timeshare where there's just no way he's going to make anyone happy. I would take him if he was literally free. The person I literally wouldn't take if they were unwavering is Kenny gallaudet. I wouldn't take him on my fantasy. Yeah, that's not fair. He doesn't count. He's going to get away with two damage. He's already pretty much free at this point. I got Darren Waller. Dan walking. I'm not walking away. He hasn't played all pre season he's been hurt. There's contract situations, devonta Adams is there. I don't love the Vegas offense in general this year and I don't need Darren Waller in the second or so. He's like fake hurt. I think he's waiting for his money to get his holding in. Yeah, that team definitely needs to spend more money on offense and ignore the lines in the defense. That was the wave leatherwood today. I couldn't believe it. I mean, if you just stack up all the John Gruden draft picks and you're like, every first rounder was a miss. It makes me feel better about the drafts. Who do you have DK? Well, I had gallaudet. He's trending towards being free anyway. That doesn't count. The other person I wrote down here is Michael Hardman. I'm just not falling for it again. The opposite of the Corleone. They're not sucking me back in with this equal Hardman thing. I refuse. That could have been a category, Craig. Michael Corleone? No, the you showed up at my door again. Batting your eyelashes at me and I'm not letting you in this time. That's my Cole Hardman. Somehow, we've all had him. He's been in the league three years. I feel like he's been on everybody's team. I've never been seduced. Oh my God. None of us took Zeke Elliott, which I think is an absolute outrage. I had him written down too. All right, high fits. Who's your somebody's got to get points on that team? Talk yourself into him guy. Craig mentioned him earlier. I mean, Michael Pittman for the cults, I mean, Michael Pittman literally has more receiving yards in his career than all the other culture receivers on the roster. Also, Michael Pittman played in the NFL for two seasons. And yet somehow that's true. They have nobody else. Who do you have, Craig? Christian Kirk on the Jags. Oh no. Who else is catching passes on this team? There's Evan engram. At tight end. The other receivers are Marvin Jones and zay Jones. He's the new Brandon cooks. I'm going to pay it right now. He will be the new Brandon cooks. You'll get a thousand yards every year with Trevor Lawrence and nobody will care about him. DK? I'm going to go with Wanda Robinson, rookie receiver for the Giants. Okay. Here's the deal. I'm nervous to get excited about a guy who's like 5 890 pounds. Or whatever. Like I got too excited about Ronda bor last year. You should learn from this. I should learn from my mistakes. I'm just not going to do it because the Giants don't have anyone else right now. They got Kenny gallaudet, who we've talked about. They have canaris Tony, who is, he plays once a week. The most chaotic player in the NFL maybe. We just don't know if he's going to play any given week. Starting shepherd coming off an Achilles, Colin Johnson, who was probably going to take over for Kenny holiday, tore his Achilles. The Rookie tight end, Bellinger, who Craig, San Diego state alone, Bellinger, he just got a concussion I don't think he's going to be playing week one. Who's going to be catching passes for the scene? They drafted him in the second round. Ostensibly with the plan. So I'm going with Wanda Robinson. I really like that one. I debated one day for my shameless Homer pick. Yeah. That's a great one. I can't believe I'm picking forth in this category that none of you took my guy.

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