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For the children that really need a school like this as you guys know. I mean, we've had enough group messages to know that you know, Jalen rose. He opened up the Joan rose leadership academy in Detroit. David written my on defeated rice, and you wrote a piece Kayla on that. Check that out. David Robinson found in the Carver academy in Texas, and they both did it when they retired from the NBA LeBron is the first to do a while. He's still in the league, which is definitely impressive. But at the end of the day, I just think that the focus is should be not on the founders of these schools, but on the kids who are changing their lives in the process. So with that said, I'll let you guys continue on with what you guys have to say. This coming from a family of educators, like my mom, grandmother, cousin minds that they were all involved in education teachers or administrative officials and some regard. So I think anytime especially now when we see so many education cuts, whether it's in higher education, whether it's in high school, middle school, elementary school, that was, we see so much going on negative negatively to affect educational system, which is terrible. So I think anytime anybody invested in the education, especially education of kids who looked like, you know, they kind of get thrown under the bus a lot, which is exactly what you know. Jalen rose did when he has his leadership academy in Detroit, what LeBron is doing. So I I, I don't think you can do anything but like applaud, applaud him for doing that. And. It's not gonna be on him at all times because at the end of the day, these teachers are gonna have to teach these kids. These guys is gonna have to see these kids everyday, and I think we all know that at the end. But of course, like LeBron or Jalen rose or Dave Robinson like bit who whoever's name is on it is going to get a lot of publicity and you know, I can see that, but it's not going to be just about those guys or whoever starts foundation, it's going to be about the work is going to be about those two hundred and forty kids that you know, hopefully graduate and then go on to college. We'll have their entire college tuition paid for, so that's it will be about. But in the moment it will be about the individual. So I feel tea which Lil. I just wanna say to your initial question, which is, what am I overall thoughts on the endeavor that nothing could be more commendable, there's in my opinion, no getaway to give back to your community than by opening up a place of learning..

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