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Grady. Okay. Big Rock star in Germany Sports right now, as we check in with BK and Nuggets, losing the tough one at home. Marty. The Nuggets sat on the back of their best player Nicole Yokich with 38 points, including 17 in the fourth quarter as well as 11 rebounds, But it wasn't enough as the Mavericks came into ball Arena and beat Denver and overtime. 1 24 1 17. Last night, Joe created 20 FT jump shot as time expired, a tie the game at 109 and force OT, but the two time All Star said. There's a pretty simple explanation as the wise team lost. Yeah, we were with We're taking a bash. As I think maybe to Beaver we didn't actually involved. They did. They made shots. Mm hmm. No, that's it. Fellow All Star Luca, Don shit and your triple double for Dallas. 38 points to match Joker to go with 13 assists and nine rebounds. Jamal Murray also had 21 for Denver and Los the Nuggets three and five on the year, they'll head to the East Coast for three games, the first one tomorrow afternoon and Philly against 76 years. Interviews for the Broncos making GM job begin today's team President Jo Alice, president football operations John Elway and head coach Vic Fangio meet with a pair of candidates to find the person who will take over for Elway running the day to day operations of the team. Vikings assistant GM George Payton as well as Bears assistant director of player personnel champ Kelly are both said to meet virtually with the Broncos. Kelly was the only candidate to work for Elway and with Fangio was in numbers Personnel department from 7 2020 15 Before joining the Bears tomorrow, the Broncos will conduct three more interviews with Saint's assistant GM, Teri fought no Patriots assistant director of player personnel Dave Ziegler, who work for the Broncos, from 2010 to 2012 and Brian, Start the Broncos current director of college scouting that well past but clearly with a head of steam up court.

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