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Now with free shipping right. To your door KFI. Iheartradio station John and Ken show John kobylt and. Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty. Coming up after five o'clock she should be here any minute I'm Jackie Lacey the Los Angeles County district attorney who's gonna talk about possible revisions to. That AB eighteen ten which is Blouse every criminal. In, the state no. Matter what the crime to petition for mental health diversion for two years and then there's no, trial no No conviction no prison term know nothing entire charges get dismissed, as long as you could find a mental illness to blame for your crime, and there's three hundred mental, illnesses And a lot of them are pretty common that, a lot of people deal with We'll get. Into that coming up after five. O'clock Sacramento bee boy, just seems like the tire we don't really have media anymore it doesn't really exist but the Sacramento bee Has a headline that says. Gavin Newsom as big liberal plans. For California how would, he pay for them Wow somebody's asking that out loud He wants tax payer financed Single payer health care for every single person in. The state legal or illegal it would cost four. Hundred billion dollars a year That would all come from taxes Over two hundred billion would would be taxes that. Already exist for Medicare and Medicaid But the other two hundred billion Woodwork choir a massive tax increase probably, a doubling of everybody's income tax From what I've read He has. Universal preschool in childcare that's at least eight. Billion dollars a, year and of course this is all Always, underestimated by far And he wants to build three and a half billion housing units for the for the vagrants And none of the three and a half billion would be required to go to work.

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