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It's not just about defense. It's something that he's done in every stop of his collegiate career, and I expected to continue in Jacksonville. Urban Meyer is an excellent football coach, and he's not gonna have to call the plays. He's not gonna have to run the defense. He's going to be an overseer. And he's very bright. He's very intelligent. He gets the most out of his players and his staff. The problem I have with the Urban Meyer higher is that you've seen it it every one of his stops that he other burns out or leaves for health issues. Right. So listen, I'm not saying that you don't hire him because of it. If he gives you for five years and he gets you guys started and he developed sharper, Lawrence, and maybe you can groom a coach in the interim. But the problem with urban Meyer is that I've seen him. I've seen the end of Urban Meyer in a couple of other places, right to where, whether it's the health or whatever. So the jacks did very well with urban Meyer. But Also I feel like that you're getting you know what you're getting with Urban Meyer, the excellent coach. I think the Jackson a good job with it, but also realized that this isn't going to be forever. This isn't going to be where you look at some of the other coaches being hired and your expectation or your hope is that he's your coach for the next decade, not just a couple of years. So that's uh that's what that's what happened with with the Jags the Falcons higher. Arthur Smith, the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, 38 years old. Hey, interviewed with the Eagles as well and based on where he coached and where he predominantly was a professional as a coach was a lot of southern universities or Southern teams. I think he did well and going to the Falcons. As opposed to maybe going to a city like Philadelphia, where it's the Northeast, and we're just totally out of control, and we're lunatics as far as our football team, so he'll be able to take over a team that probably has low expectations and probably will be grooming. Ah young quarterback this year we'll see what they do in the draft there, the fourth overall pick But I I like the higher They got to get a quarterback down that Ryan is not going to be the long term answer probably passed this year, so they need a they need a new quarterback. So you can talk about the coach all you want, but you need You need a quarterback to match that Detroit Lions have looked at a number of people. They have interviewed a number of people. It seems like the guy that most people expect this Dan Campbell, who was the assistant Head coach for the Saints and also the tight ends coach Long time player in the league, and they're waiting to hire him after the states are are eliminated from playoff play, which could be today it's could be after next week. It could be a couple of weeks if they advance to the Super Bowl. But And Campbell seems to be the favorite there. Houston Texans. We just talked to Sean about this. I think it's cut up in the air. At this point. I did just read a tweet from Adam Schefter regarding the Texan situation. He said. Quote. It's gone from the least desirable head coaching job through the most undesirable head coaching job in the NFL. That's a fact that's how the job has looked at by everyone. So it's gone from the least desirable coaching job That's open to the least, is the most undesirable head coaching job period in the NFL. That is trouble. They have interviewed Joe Brady, the offensive coordinator for the Panthers. The interview John John Jim Caldwell. Longtime coach for the Lions and the Colts. Some other other assistance and coordinators as well. No idea where that's going to go from there. The LHR jer seems like they're going with Brian Table. Of of the bills, the offensive coordinator again, they would have to wait until after and they are eliminated from the playoffs..

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