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It all comes together. All works worked out very well. Like i said it. It just makes sense. You know How it will work. I mean even even at the point of well. you know. We're going to do that thing. Where sarah bishop knows everything you're doing so we're gonna do everything that sarah wouldn't do right so go get younger. Bishop bringham help him help him a have him a create as a sam. She's like that's a terrible idea. Exactly exactly would never think you won't see it coming love of the callback when all later in thailand of up oh wow younger. Meat did not see that coming like all right. Well i love doing. Yeah this is a lesson learn. I'm not gonna to do this. And they're like yeah. No sorry. that's not how this is gonna work. You gotta do this. We're going to send you right back. You're not gonna remember any of this shit right. It's yeah it's just like. I said i gotta gotta enjoy how they put together that and again how it all ties into the entire season said tie in for me even to the point of things that kind of all of me. In the first episode there will be brewed entire time. Going like the bureau brand for right. We're and then she'll be like oh shit that's right. He did go home. The gave us at throwaway line of him going home. Yeah yeah one of the things. Oh yeah you did do that you know. Of course he would look at the fungus and be like the mushroom and take the mushroom. Eat the mushroom. Of course you could talk to john. Of course you would quite love that. That's such a major plot point But at the same time you can't describe without signing fucking ridiculous. Yeah even in a year fucking ridiculous. It sounded much more profound a moment right. You know yeah. I enjoy the even. This idea. that bishop told plan was now. Like i tried to save a couple of times now data and works. Now i'm gonna fucking destroy destroy everything and it. Just be me and say our love together. And we'll start earth you know. It is an essential mad scientists idea. Just it's mad science. It just is fucking crazy but at this point haven't been defeated twice in a weird weight makes sense. Yeah that makes sense tying it into found of imperium the end the idea that again this is where the the weirdness comes in but again for what we've seen the lizard before it wasn't that weird the idea that you know. Mushrooms are literally just tied tied to an alien of for an alien being literally protecting earth from invasion invasion of aliens like crazy but also until it gets sick and tired of shit. Shit which then. I'm like oh you know we are him. The fungus has point right has a point but at the same time. I'm going like.

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