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Interview circle joe hinson a connoisseur of seaweed see we from denmark. He tells us the story of how he became interested. In seaweed over twenty years ago you can check out his amazing recipes by following him on his facebook page culture for use of seaweed in food without out further ado here's stark johannesson the seaweed chef of denmark twenty one years ago. I was in my hell else stole and i stumbled a porn. A book saying something like eur seaweed the gift from the ocean and you. I'm curious person. I took it up and i read were what was written on the backside and i saw oo. I'm going to read the gook so i boarded and that's an awful lot of interesting stuff. In that book. All kind of scientific studies from last hundreds of years. I unread operas <hes> very much a happy about what i read in thinking all might mark. You can't eat that yeah exactly yeah entirely. I used to think that too until you find out it's in sushi and it's in you know a lot of stuff. I've had spirulina pasta and it's very good yeah. Spinach taste to it. It's very but i see from in your post on facebook that you you cook a lot with algae. Can you tell me about what got you interested. I can tell you what made me change my mind to get started with a time. I bought that and also some more for years. I have had a very bad consumer price. I couldn't get rid of my kid and now it's really portion of that yet. In.

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