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Of mine. I happen to really love ever Levin. I know. I know it's uncharacteristic than I shouldn't. But I don't care I really like ever Levin. Canadian Bill who she married to she's married to somebody famous. Right. I believe the lead singer of Nickelback. Oh my God. That's right. Okay. Another one of your guilty. No. Let's get an I'm not that. Crazy. I may be nuts because I love ever Levin. But no Nickelback actually they are now separated. Oh, they are. Okay. Does she listen to his music is that what happened? So anyway, that's ever LeVine with my happy ending Canadian Bill ever living, of course, Canadian. Another reason I like her now, I like ever LeVine. And I really I, you know. That that I'm with you song. I love that song. I adore that song. And I liked the video and everything I like her. I don't care. That's the energy sometimes my taste leans towards what's aimed at thirteen year old girls. Fater when? Pop song. Yeah. Hey, by the way, man, I'm not approving of this. But I just saw this on the auntie injured anti interwebs. Okay. They're doing a reboot a party of five. And I don't appreciate them. Speaking of things that I liked that are aimed at thirteen year old girls have no no rebooting party of five party. Five is perfect. The way it is that in the coinciding with me discovering my so called life. That's when it all. That's you know, and then moved down to Felicity and gossip girl, Gilmore, girls and all that stuff. Bon heads and pretty little liars. Yes. Anyway, welcome back everybody to for Tuesday. One artist to songs three one two nine eight one seven two hundred we were talking with Tom appel little bit earlier. And I thought we could talk more about cars because this really terrific WalMart commercial that they're showing which features twelve iconic twelve iconic cars that you remember from movie and TV and so we're talking about what are your favorites? Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred here is Linda on WGN, Linda. Hey, good morning morning. When I was growing up they had a program with I think Dick Van Dyke, and it was a model t car, and it was called my mother, the car, and southern was the voice of it was Jerry, Jerry Van Dyke. Not Jerry was one of the brothers. And then. Stay had. No, he bell cheap that they used to drive through and that while they rode the horses. And then there was some young people there. I'm like teens, but they were older they wrote along the beach is a California and they were in a green Volkswagen bus. And then it sours all over it. And it seemed like they were always there to help the police in south crimes in that. Yeah. Yeah. At the time. Those Volkswagon bug little buses were really popular, especially among hippies. That's. And then the other day, it's a rerun of Luke leads on TV. And this guy claimed he had his dad's. Car that he had say it was a movie with Steve McQueen, supposedly stolen. That would have been bullet that would have been. Yeah. That's that's the the most one of the most iconic cars in movie history was from Steve McQueen in bullet. And it was a green Mustang, and then they found out that it wasn't the original. But they had time Celik and his two sons and his dad all standing there looking at this car, and they says just syncopal surreal thing. But it was look exactly like, right? Yeah. And they often had like I mentioned before when I was talking about that seventy one Plymouth Khuda from phantasm. They had three of those and over the years they had even more because they kept using them using they kept getting more kudos for the cars as they went along. So you know, if there's one floating out there, maybe it was used in the movie, maybe it wasn't. But some of them are the original aren't the original cars, but Linda, thanks for the call three one nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. Let's see here is GM. Jim. All right. Good. Sixty seconds for that. Shelby. Car beautiful car. And all. Esteem. Theory. Plymouth theory, fifty-one Plymouth fury. That's pretty cool beautiful car beautiful car. That's juries. But diesels. Chargers. A lot of cool cars in the fast and furious movies man, a ton of a ton of really cool cars in those movies. Oh, yeah. All right, Jim. Thanks, man. All right. Take care. Yeah. They had a bunch of, you know, for Christina was a fifty one read a cherry, red fifty-one, Plymouth fury. And carpenter told me that they had like seven of them. I mean, they destroyed a bunch of because they had it would crunch up the car and destroy it. You know, and then it would then they, of course, a special effects would make it fixed itself back up. But yeah, no. That was then. Stephen king's favorite kind of car. That's why he chose it for the book. It's why I chose the fifty fifty one fury Plymouth fury. So. Let's see. Here's a Bill on WGN. Hi, bill. Good morning. Their morning. To that. I think of right away would be the green hornet's car, which I felt was. So that's another one. That's that's that's another Paris. That's another one that bears designed. Yeah. To this day. You can send your that seem coming when it's coming out of the alley and your team coming. And the other one would be starts getting. Yeah. That Vic mentioned that one a little bit earlier is his favourite. That's it's a they called it. The strike tomato. Because the one about arguments the way to school with time. 'cause I could've swore was a four door. We argue its doors. We had a big argument the to school with that. Dr. Real quick. I want to tell you up speed racer. Yeah. I know you're a big Kerry fan. The show during the episode where as well Boston sports memorabilia for the bar now. I have the actual helmets from speed racer. Actual helmets. Through your cartoon character. He I happen to have a better up authenticity. Yeah. That's funny. That's funny. Thanks, buddy. Yeah. So this the Starsky and hutch car is so iconic. You know, my dad when I was a little kid. My dad had a red Torino. I want to say it was a seventy one maybe. Maybe maybe a little bit older. But my dad didn't have it didn't have the crazy. White Nike stripe on the side of it like. Like Starsky carded. But it was cool. It was a bad ass car. And this was you know, I was really really young. So it was my dad and so he used to drive like lunatic. My dad. In the GRANDE Torino, the red grant arena that my dad had for many years. This was in the seventies. No seatbelts. None of that. No baby seats that was bouncing around in the back like a ping pong ball. So but the strike tomato is a nineteen seventy five four grants arena. And. It was driven by the police do of Starsky and hutch. There seventy show was given the less what's affecting it less than affectionate nickname. As the striped tomato by star. Paul Michael Glaser who played Starsky who load the car on first sight is major complaint undercover. Cops driving since a ridiculously obvious car wasn't incredibly stupid idea. Despite this the show became a hit in large part due to the cool car radically Glazer's contempt for it, which was so obvious that they had to write it into the show as a recurring character gag. Yeah. He hated the car. About this eight seven two area code. Remember Herbie the love bug. Of course, Herbie was in nineteen sixty three Volkswagen beetle. From the nineteen sixty eight American comedy, the love bug, which may or may not be the first movie I ever saw in the theater, it's either that or the jungle book, they're very very, they're very close. But those were the maybe one of the first two movies. I've I saw in the theater they put a nine hundred sixty three beetle. Front and center is the main character the film. This was no ordinary punch buggy. It was essentially an VW named Herbie who sported red white and blue racing stripes. And would perhaps surprisingly be featured in a half dozen films of the decades following the release of the original. Including one with the low hand, the old fully loaded. Here's David on WGN. Hi, david. Yeah. Oh, the Bill Hardcastle McCormick. That oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Hardcastle and McCormick. I haven't thought about that show in years, man, Brian Keith, and who was the other. What was the other actors, Dan? Can you look that up? Hardcastle? Mccormick was Brian Keith. Who was always one of my favorites? Loved Simpson's family affair, and I loved that show. Her car was bad ass. I totally forgot about that car. Daniel kelly. Yeah. Yeah. Very very cool. Coyote from Hardcastle and McCormick. All right. Thanks, david. Hardcastle and McCormick, man. I have not I have not thought of that. I loved that show. David, Hugh, Kelly and Bryan, and Brian Keith that was a cool and the car was cool. They did they drove a very cool car. I never thought. I never thought that this morning. I would hear Hardcastle and McCormick. I just saying we're gonna talk about Holmes and yoyo next. Dan, we've talked about Holmes and yoyo. Yes, we have John Schuck. And man who was the other guy. Herb something. Herb Herbert or Howard or. Hampton. Remember the other guy's name. But it was John Chuck was yoyo. And it was Holmes and yoyo, and it was a wacky. Seventies seventies sitcom, well, I think it was actually think it was an hour long show. Thirty minutes. Richard michel. Yes, Richard b show. And and John Schuck were Holmes and yoyo a wacky comedy about cop was teamed up his partner was a robot. They smoked a lot of weed in the seventies. That's all I'm saying. All right. Well, you know, considering the popularity of robots nowadays, Dan, they can reboot that show star of multiple suitable. All right. Let's take a quick break. And when we come back, I've got a bunch of texts coming in phone lines are open three.

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