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Underestimate this storm Debbie Elliot in Jacksonville Florida thank you. welcome. you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR news. we learned today exactly which military construction projects would be canceled to pay for a border wall now this move has been expected since earlier this year when president trump declared a national emergency to free up funds for a wall on the U. S. southern border with Mexico congressional Democrats are fuming and your congressional reporter cloudy agree Seles has been following all that she's here in the studio now hi hi thanks for having me glad to have you here so I'm trying to follow these budget lines remind me whose money this is an under whose authority it's been diverted well this goes back to February when president trump declared a national emergency to take eight billion dollars from existing budgets and agencies like the Pentagon of that three point six billion would calm from canceled military construction projects and for months it's been a well kept secret who would lose out in this week the Pentagon started revealing details to lawmakers here's defense secretary mark asper defending the move in so that process is ongoing today will where we will be reaching out to affected lawmakers and to a prize and before we make anything public arts according to make a public what what are the details haven't been cut well the Pentagon finally released the full list of specific projects that will get shell to the release the list to lawmakers and we obtained it from a congressional aide and shows that half one point eight billion will come from the US and the other half from overseas installations at the military academy at west point they will lose a hundred and sixty million dollars alone in projects for their engineering center and a parking structure I talked to the democratic lawmaker who represents that district representative Sean Patrick Maloney here's what he had to say. so this was just wrong on the American people and on the military and it has a duplication that's what I'm trying to say here is a trade off the president he is going to push on to the military but it's not the one they want in his district is not alone and lawmakers like Maloney are furious because the wall is part of trump's campaign promise but he also said Mexico would be paying for the wall and west point isn't alone the Pentagon is listed cuts for seventy seven million in Virginia and Arizona will lose a thirty million dollar project and there's dozens more around the country on the list and while Democrats are saying these cuts put military readiness at risk one Republican senator in Arizona Martha make Sally downplay the impact first state she's in a tough reelection fight and she's backing the need for resources for border wall what is the Pentagon saying I or the wing and he kind of comment about having to to shift money or away from projects that they had planned right they have said repeatedly in testimony and in interviews that they're following the president's orders he has the authority to declare a national emergency he did and the following through in a letter to lawmakers asper said the plans will find eleven Porter projects in California Texas and Arizona and there's already court challenges underway to challenge the president's authority shift this money that Congress already allocated come next week Congress returns from an extended recessed work out the details of spending bills for various federal agencies and while they have this broad budget deal in line that there's a fight for border wall money that could become a very contentious issue yet more debate in Congress over the border wall and who exactly is going to pay for that's unfair congressional reporter cloudy agree solace thank you thanks. you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR news..

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