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He may win the battle. But at life. He's he's lost stalling Kathy fair enough. Okay. So the recognizes certain aspects and JAMES BOND in season Batman, this might make the joker suddenly decide that JAMES BOND is a new playmate. Just like Batman is. And the joker may wanna keep double of seven alive as if he's dead. There's no more fun to be had. That's something he mentions about that, man. All the time when it comes to Batman, the joker, also desires, more than Justice, demise. He wants to drive them hopelessly insane to him. That man is a stuck up. Humorless bore worse. Joker believes that Batman really wants to go insane. And that he's hiding some type of I dunno closet of sanity cloaks himself in order to deny what he really really wants. So most of joker schemes route revolve around driving Batman insane. That joker is ultimate victory. Just as the joker tried to do that to Bruce Brusco Commissioner Gordon in the killing joke when he shot, Barbara, Gordon, and then took you know. Commissioner Gordon to that circus, and then showed pictures of Barbara, Gordon is kind of weird it only takes one bad day bad day. And you know, the joker even said in. I think it was Batman. RIP? I've driven myself crazy trying to loosen them up. The joker would see JAMES BOND not as an opponent. But rather as a challenge and just the joker wants to psychologically break, the Batman instead of Kilmainham. He wanted to the same thing to JAMES BOND as entering that. May be interesting that may be an ongoing comic book series. It would make for a very short lived fight in a random counter like who would win match. Here's how I see it going the joker JAMES BOND encounter each other JAMES BOND sees a joker someone who should be removed. The joker sees JAMES BOND. Someone who sticks to his narrowly defined moral code, whatever that may be. And that would be like dangling carrot in front of, you know, joker the joker within wants a mentally and morally break JAMES BOND killing him at that moment, which is doubtful would end the game too soon in a way that wouldn't represent a windfarm, at least exempts acceptable. When the joker would see that JAMES BOND is a very tough challenge that would have to be conquered over time, which means the first encounter would either have the joker captured or have them surrender or have miscarried. So as. Has to prolong the process of understanding his new opponent short. The joker would gladly take. I encounter loss. If it meant that the game breaking JAMES BOND could go on so JAMES BOND James wants little license to kill and this is to kill his familiarity and experience with psycho pass and with would be world conquerors, his millions villains of all types in jokers desire to play with people over the long term in order to break them emotionally, psychologically. I just don't see a way for JAMES BOND to lose this battle. And that's my point number three. Bless your little heart..

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