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News. 7 23. U.S. Marshals are continuing their search today for a former chief of staff to ex Marilyn governor Larry Hogan. Roy McGrath failed to appear in court Monday for the first day of his trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges, a law enforcement source tells CBS News, McGrath's family was at his home in Florida when FBI agents visited the house yesterday. The source also says McGrath's high profile and the widely circulating photos of him will make it difficult for him to remain at large. Several D.C. area prosecutors are backing bills that they say will strengthen their ability to prosecute people who sexually abused children and help victims of child trafficking. In Maryland charging someone with a fourth degree sex defense for having a sexual relationship with a 16 or 17 year old child requires proving the person had custody over that child, like a teacher would, otherwise according to Montgomery county state's attorney John McCarthy, the age of consent in the state is 16 years old. The law proposed wants to expand the categories of individuals who lure 16 or 17 year old individuals into sexual activities, exploiting a position of trust. The other piece of legislation being supported according to prince George's county state's attorney Aisha brave boy. But provide immunity from prosecution for child victims who are survivors of human or sex trafficking. Learn more WTO dot com, Mike Morello, WTO P news. President Biden says he plans to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of former president Jimmy Carter, who remains under hospice care at his home in Georgia. The current president told donors at a California fundraiser this week about his, quote, recent visit to see the 39th president whom he's known since he was a young Delaware senator, supporting Carter's 1976 presidential campaign, the president says he asked me to do his eulogy before stopping himself from saying more. Carter is 98 and the longest living U.S. president. Sports a 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Dave Preston, a win for the wizards. That's right, they defeat Detroit one 1797, Bradley Beal scores 36 points for coach west on cell junior. Well, I think there's a level of aggression, but it was extremely efficient. It wasn't pressing or honey shots. I think just let it come into a naturally took advantage of what the defense gave him. But still play with the level of assertiveness that we needed. Was hit 52% of their shots capitals come up short at the New York rangers 5 three coughing up three goals in the first period. They battle buffalo, this evening, no word on the availability of Alex Ovechkin. And Sonny Milano, who both missed last night's game, NFL commander's part ways with offensive line coach John matsko

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