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And NewsRadio seven forty KTAR age Michael Connor back here with ya. Chromebook flags flagpole trivia question of the night. Gave the question before the break. Asked you who the who the last catcher? The Astros drafted in the first round of the draft. That was back in two thousand eight after course, drafting a catcher in the first round last night with a thirty second overall pick. The answer was Jason Castro. Tint over. Aw stanford. Netto a draft, of course, still playing some big league ball with the Minnesota Twins left Houston, after the two thousand fifteen season for three year deal up there in minne-, Minneapolis with the twins in the last year of that deal. Now with Minnesota still the after doing it last night. And that brings us to our pats futures future success, presented to you by the Federal Credit Union with us. Your family Cal catch your Corey Lee was the pick for the Astros. The sixty second overall are the that was. There later pick sixty eight with the thirty second overall pick in the draft last night. Lee, a first time starter for the cow golden bears, this past season had been there for three years, but his first big opportunity to play this year. And he absolutely busted out might surprise across the industry that he went in that first round. But the Astros believe in him. Nassar's had a lack of talent in terms of the catching position in the minor league system, named drafted, too. Many of them, of course, geared stubs up here now with the cow golden bears his junior year, Corey Lee hit three thirty eight fifteen home runs. Fifty seven runs batted in. We'll see how quickly they can get him signed into that pipeline. And who knows how quickly he could be up here at the major league level for the Astros right now decent catcher back there. Robinson Chirinos big in a game last night. The man on the mound tonight for your stroz, that is Wade Miley presents you by twin peaks, Miley, five and three on the season in his twelve starts the three twenty five year. Struck out fifty four batters sixteen walks. A lot eleven home runs in his sixty nine and the third. Innings whip on the season. At one point one, three nine his last start came Wednesday at home against the cubs tough luck loser in that one price, best overall start as an asteroid. He's a lot of really good has been very steady work. The most innings. He's had a game seven so far or seven in that one giving up just two runs on six hits. Struck on a season. High nine walk just won. The two runs given up on solo shots through one hundred six pitches in that ballgame. So be a second start this season against the against the Seattle Mariners. And what was his pride were start of the year against them on April twelve in Seattle, no decision for him. Astros win that one ten to six powered by two grand slams pitched four innings rain, the pitch count their three runs on six hits striking out two and walking away. My on the bump for your stroz tonight. And if the Astros, shut out the Mariners tonight we call it a Shipley..

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