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Two taught in providence w._b. to eighty four warwick and w h j._j. providence on video come over big leaguer came up with the comes as the red last year in the mexican league with the mets he is well traveled as cerrell kantara off against rasmus ramirez nothing nothing through two and a half innings here tonight in the series lifter from end to be t bank stadium left editor twenty seven years of age out kantara takes out side low Change from Rasmo given up a couple of singles through the first two innings. Working from his wind up is the twenty nine year old out of Nicaragua. The one pitch in for a strike. Cut fastball. One by the way, there was that injury, Danny Espinosa last inning when he was picked off. according to the box score and i'm very guilty of not looking he still stayed in the game one bitches driven right back to the mound by kantara plated front of the hill by arrest ramirez visit i paris mindy and i was an easy comebacker Look all that. Danny Aspen OSA just certainly by the time took to get off the field. His. cups tibo this is the loudest cheer we've heard all nights the old heisman trophy winning quarterback is in fifty eight games here batting one forty nine he is twenty seven for one hundred eighty one hitter lefty takes fastball low ball one been a little bit better than that against seven for thirty six a lift hasn't been pretty form he's got a really high swing and miss rate strikeout rate one out the one pitch by an in studio tibo again you look out in the crowd and you just see tibo jerseys and shirts of the syracuse variety and other teams everywhere there's a tim tebow jets jersey behind their dugout One out the two outside three well. The last thing arrest wants to do is walk this. Guy batting about one fifty in the night. Yes. Worked around the strike zone and not in its from his wind up a three oh outside ball four he walked on four pitches. That's about as your incidence I've ever seen arrest all year loss, slapped, his hand into his empty glove, or in frustration through his up towards the sky. If to say what I do that. And IBO it's the four pitch walk there's a ban on top of the order. I like you said it's frustrating do that to any men, but especially one with a with an average like that. comes raji davis who struck out to begin the first nothing nothing our score stretch of the pitches lined in the senate backing up with play gorky certain end as three or four steps in waiting makes the just i grab and i go steal reggie davis if mike we've learned by watching earlier this does not take a lot of to go up there and swayed pretty much regardless of the situation Four bitch walk go can hit very hard actually. So one onto l four Louis key, your me. You're granted to the sick and baseman Lynn is first time left handed hitter. Tibo leads for I and bitch read in there for strike one on a sinker. Glad you could be with us. Josh our Mike Monico, peach, Corey is our producer back. Wh JJ the headquarters at providence. we play here in a gorgeous wednesday night son is still very brilliantly bright out across the majority of the diamonds and in the seat in which i i hear in the radio with mike is in total shade and baking josh is going to have a tan by the top of the fifth inning yeah i'm all right with it don't bitch too geeky or as up and away one in one i took my roller chair about two feet further left doors bike was sitting between innings and guarantee it's at least ten degrees cooler where your sits out an exaggeration it's drastically Get a towel between. scoreless gave the one swing this at a good fastball there from ramirez data right bike your man that's what we need to remember we'll take one from the hotel fitness center tomorrow we'll bring it up here fair's fair Do your four different times, this year has been called up to try to help out a struggling New York Mets said he team at bats. A lot more up there last year. One, two inches fell off fastball hit up towards the luxury suite level. It's been well chronicled this week. What's going on with the big league club, New York? Bic Calloway's travails with both the media and his team. That's got. beaten in philadelphia the last two nights after the tirade that happened post game in chicago sunday want to bitch you're swings aground said again too sick with softly hit red zu lin that's down feel it picks the shirts i had plenty of time to get your day in the innings over a walk to tibo doesn't end up costing a russell ramirez much we go into the fourth this is scoreless socks radio emissions taste the legendary flavor of the double our bar burger at roy rogers were talking a full quarter pound beef had to that american cheese then top at all with sliced and sued smithfield am but although partner you're not done yet head out to the fixings bar and put your own brand down.

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