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It's it's it's an imperative. So people can see what? President Trump responded. He doesn't have anything to hide to the attorney general wouldn't bother medal and gun rights groups are turning to the IT asking the supreme court to stop the Trump administration from beginning to enforce its ban on bump stock devices set to go into effect Tuesday. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven now the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. More than fifty two and a half billion dollars of your money would be spent the next two years under the budget proposal from state House Democrats out today. Gomo's Ryan Harris tells us it includes nearly one and a half billion in new taxes aimed at the wealthy. The proposal would increase spending by about eight billion dollars much of which would go towards education after the mccleary decision and other items to maintain current levels with more than two billion for new spending to pay for it. House. Finance committee chair Gael tarleton laid out a capital gains tax proposal, the extraordinary profits tax, the wealthiest Washingtonians who sell high value. Assets. Such as stocks bonds will pay a nine point nine percent tax on gains over two hundred thousand dollars for a married couple in a calendar year. Democrats also proposed changes to the real estate excise tax to lower the low end payments, while increasing it for pricier homes as well as a proposal to increase the business and occupation tax companies that make so-called extraordinary profits. Republicans say they can easily craft a budget that pays for all the state's priorities without raising taxes. Ryan Harris, KOMO news a Bill aimed at strengthening laws on restraining orders. When it comes to guns was hurt in Olympia today. Komo sue Romero with more undercurrent protection order law. If the accused person owns a gun they have up to five days after being served to turn it in. If it's required in the order house Bill seventeen eighty six would require the immediate surrender of a firearm. When served domestic violence survivor, Rebecca Houghton spoke in favor of the Bill the presence of a gun in a domestic violence incident. Makes it five times more likely that a woman more die. Donna Devereaux with the group silent. No more that seeks to protect second amendment rights says the Bill interferes with due process when a gun owner is served with a restraining order when the officer shows up at the house, the officer is under orders to go in and search that person's house they haven't even had their day in court to defend themselves. Hearing was before the Senate law Justice committee Super Mario KOMO news. This Wednesday the Senate will hold its first hearings on the two deadly crashes.

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