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That you can have a virus or bacteria jumping from one animal to one person may be Biden's with a cell in the human body may be that leads to a new disease like coke nineteen, and it's disrespected animals. We we hunt them kill them. Eat Them. We sell them in on hygiene nick. Breed markets in Africa which is where HIV AIDS began we traffic then selling them from different parts of the world to the wildlife markets and pet markets in Asia animals from all over the place, different species of crowded together in horrible on hygiene conditions, and again it's a perfect environment for virus or bacteria. Indeed, let's could nineteen is thought to have begun in in one of these markets in will have in. China and saws began in another of these markets in China, And Mas began from domestic camels in the middle, east and many many diseases have jumped from animal to person in our. Stately horrendous factory fogs. I want to play. A little bit of sound from the National Geographic documentary the hope in this scene your with former US secretary of state James Baker reflecting on the partnership that you to form. You had lunch with him to discuss your goals and how he might help you. Let's listen to just a little bit of this. I remember during that lunch telling her that I love nature because I was an honor and fisherman. But. I'm interested in clean water and clean air and improves serving the resource.

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