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And now move the sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. What's up? Everybody Dj Bucky here for move the six bucks. Man I'm great man I I am hanging in there. Everything is good I'm excited to talk a little ball with you. Yeah. I'm excited. Talk with you excited to have our good buddy. joined the show today, and this is a conversation I think everybody's GonNa. Really enjoy kind of piggybacks what we were talking about the other day about the possibilities of spring, football and everything that's going on with with ninety and how these colleges are adjusting where things stand, there's no better person to talk to than our good friend. Bruce Feldman so today's episode is going to be that conversation and I. Hope You guys enjoy it. Here's our chat with Bruce. While buck excited to have our good friend. Bruce Feldman from Fox. Joining the show today Bruce. We've been a lot more conversations lately. Kind of off the air, just kind of checking in with one another to find out what's going on in the the football landscape right now. Can you kind of give us the thirty thousand foot view here of where things stand? Yeah, it's getting to be I. Think in the last two weeks. I think a lot of people inside. Inside the sport had become a lot more pessimistic. Quite honestly talking to a they've found is a lot of programs at had players that were fine in the facility, but then you'd have a bunch of guys. Go Play Madden. Get together. There'd be an outbreak. You guys go to a pool party. There'd be an outbreak. You guys go hit the bars, same story, and so from talking a lot of coaches because you'll even as we're taping this Oklahoma. Tested a whole bunch of players and there were no positive. It's a really good sign. Notre Dame was similar and there's a handful Michigan. State's numbers were good. But not everybody's not releasing their not numbers and full disclosure, and also I think it's those schools that have had it. The players haven't quite honestly taken it that seriously, and so in a d in The sec told me about a week. The problem is a lot of people have not taken this seriously enough. Especially eighteen to twenty two year olds and that's been wearing. Issue is, and the question is GonNa be the the numbers are high in a lot of places, and they haven't even done any football stuff. This is working out in small groups. It's not like they're doing nine seven drill. What's going to happen then? What's going to happen when they're around more? People on the campus. The cases are higher. That doesn't bode well, so everybody's kind of a wait and see mode. We'll see what happens by the end of this month, though hope to have a better picture on where they think they can hope to be for the fall. Rusen in about it because I know you've also talked to coaches. How're coaches even attempting to craft practice plans schedules in calendar where we haven't even really begin to progress out of the small pods when it comes to just working on the weight room. Right and some of them have talked about. We may have to stagger. Stagger how we do it in small groups. Maybe we don't have our. You know. Think about it this way. What happens if you're if you get an outbreak in your quarterback room? I'm a quarantine. That's three games. How's that GonNa work right so I think there's a lot of..

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