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Does duggal offsides aggrement baldwin just in big spots that happens it hasn't been a spotless season for russell wilson but he still going to make enough plays and that's what matters and when you don't have consistency offensively hopefully you can find lightning in a bottle through threetimes again and that's what the seahawks after bank on the he bless her be ridiculous let's get to that third down let's stay in the nfc was talk about how that eagles loss combined with wins by the saints and the vikings kind of shakes up its share the playoff picture because you know fill he was cruising and they absolutely worry you figure that they'll have the number one seed in it they look like the best team silver while might now they're tenants who sore the vikings saints said a 9 and 3 minnesota's wind to me was extremely impressed a and they're not blowing out atlanta with the how with some other teams this year but to go in and really dominate the falcons offense on third down take julio jones out of the game we talk so much about case kinam adam phelan whatever the surprising parts of the vikings team but the defense those who disgustingly go and that's what they were again on sunday and now minnesota's hot as hell ed if they get homefield advantage the super bowls in minneapolis it's kind of crazy i saw an interesting tweet the other day and it was just a comparison between all the ten and two teams and the eagles have beaten the panthers at the century there they're marquee win the patriots to beating the saints and the falcons the vikings have beaten the saints ravens rams and falcons yeah and we've ing aside the fact that this this tweet indicates that the ravens her some sort signature win they've still defeated least three good teams in the saints rampton falcons and so and they politic panthers this week pantelis this week and that's what member i last week my whole thing was how we're about to find out a lot of things about the nfc playoff picture because you get the sort of nfc south round robin with the saints and the falcons the panthers.

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