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Right now on ciller file i turn to come in theaters in december on goal derbycom argh i've got you getting nominated for best actress and allison janney for best supporting actress your scenes together are the heart of the movie and you mentioned the fact that its brutal at times i would be laughing because it was such drool dra hi dead pam janney is at the mother from el within a couple laughing because he's just so rug blunt and so ruthless but then i altered rick has the physical abuses awful to see it's startling between youtube what were those seems like 'cause i thought both of you knocked another park yeah alphand cabinet well allison doing at characters like laughing and church way you can't help but lost but then you feel bad about it um straight off to it's there's a lot of those moments now film way you find yourself laughing but moments later you kinda hugh but the reality of the situation it is really confronting and suddenly the rim goes dead silent you could hear a pin drop um it's amazing what craig i directed did to manage to pull off the tarn so specifics one that dances between the drama in the comedy and uh it's a very entertaining film the violent moments on not entertaining they are confronting we didn't want to sugarcoat that and make it seemed like something you know an issue as serious as this is by any means easy for someone to deal with so those moments yeah it's it's quite confronting i think for for an audience to watch uh but then you know in moments later you find yourself laughing at something else entirely and uh it's just a wild ride this film it really it's hard to give it a specific genre does encompasses income.

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