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I don't I'm not concerned about him. Only throwing you know, two hundred combined innings over the last two seasons after three. Throwing two hundred every season before that. I'm more concerned about his actual performance in those two hundred innings because you know, if you give him one hundred eighty innings next year, what kind of quality are those one hundred eighty innings going to be. Yeah, I agree. Well, his preferred certainly have fallen off. And after I think it was six consecutive seasons of two hundred or more. He has been in one hundreds the past couple years because of that injury in part. So he doesn't quite come with the durable. Were course, who's guaranteed to give you two hundred label anymore in as tech mentioned the efficiency within those innings has tailed off to ease. Less stuff. Doesn't throw quite as hard as you Stu, obviously he is seen as the ultimate gamer and clutch playoff guy. And the question is do you bet on that being a predictive quality? If you are a team that expects to be in the playoffs or you're going to pay more for Bumgarner because of his playoff record or you're going to trust that he can duplicate that in your uniform. I don't know, but. The other really interesting aspect of this to me is far Huns eighty and can he come in with have the courage? I guess are the boldness to come in. And immediately dismantle the remnants of the championship giants teams because you're in a tough spot where the giants probably should rebuild as much as any team. Should they probably should turn the page on those teams? But that's always a tough thing to do in for a new executive to come in and say, not only are you going to be bad now. But you are not even gonna get to watch the guys who remind you of when you work that is a tough thing to to come in before your team is even played a game in and start tearing it down, even if it's one of those things where you know, if you're selling to a fan base. I think most giants would would agree with that assessment of the team that it's time to start taking this team apart. You know, this is sort of what not to bring everything back to the Phillies. But this is what what they did in twenty thirteen fourteen. They never trade. A cliff? They waited years and years to trade Rollins not lead. They never traded. Ryan howard. They took until twenty fifty to trade to trade Cole hamels, and those were those were tough things to to swallow a fan, even if you know that it's that it's good for the team the long term. But you know, I think this this honestly might be one of the vantage of bringing for Hans ID's. He's going to be he has no connection to those teams. He's going to be completely on sentimental about it. So he's, you know, got no reason to to hang onto. Brandon Crawford or Bumgarner. I think the I think you're going to be okay. As as, you know, in terms of not having unrest in the in the streets, San Francisco as long as you don't trade BUSTER Posey. But this it's interesting because like Goldschmidt Goldschmidt is the I would say the best position player. Maybe the best player overall in Diamondbacks history, and Bumgarner has had so many iconic even before twenty fourteen has had so many moments in that giants uniform it's hard to imagine playing anywhere else. Here's a here's a stat to supplement. What I was saying for or so fan graphs tracks with a call pitch values where they basically look at how effective each pitches, and categorize them by type so from twenty thirteen to twenty sixteen one Bumgarner was at his best. He had over those for years the third best fastball. Among all starting pitchers numbers one and two or Kershaw. Scherzer's. So that fits he is one of the best fastballs in baseball over the last two seasons. His fastball has accrued. D- below average results each season..

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