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A so it's friday and we know that means end of the show on the west coast you guys are just getting out of work and you're ready to par on the east coast you got the wind flow in your jenkins of cherry vodka and diet and you're ready to open up your app and look around you know in honor of what you guys are gonna do tonight which is let's face it open tender and find a low partner we are going to do a little not necessarily sports tender got so much of this if you missed it earlier check it out on the podcasts we've already had some sportscenter we're going to have even more and we're going to start unfortunately in the jabe that's right a big baller brand remember all the teams are known as the baller so the chicago ballers head coach edward denard shoved headbutted and cursed at a player during one of the jv games on thursday told him to stop being a b word and and guide up in that group so sarah i'm gonna start with this one and i'm going to say that i swipe left and it look i'm out you know it i've talked about it i'm all about edgy coaching i'm all about pushing people to their limits but i'm not about a coach getting into a kid's grill and punching him in the chest which is essentially what he did and then name calling there's got to be a line at some point so i'm out on this one yep i'm going to swipe left i completely agree with you there's absolutely no place for a coach to put his hand on a player we talk about this a lot too when coaches expect their players to show the ultimate in restraint and self control on and off the court and they themselves are not able to control themselves also side note i'm shocked i tell you that something run by lavar ball would have such loose standards for coaching and would somehow result in misogyny that is clearly seen via liberating i'm downright shock and of course you know he's going to handle discipline to this the robbery away right we we know that so we will go to our next topic as speaking of home runs you've been talking about the homerun derby we'll our pool halls is seventy away from seven hundred now has this wondering the eighteen year veteran do you think he's got the gas in the tank left to get himself to seven hundred sarah well he just passed by ken griffey junior and he's doing amazing things still he's at i want to say about twenty three home runs this year maybe sixteen now twenty three last year thirty one the year before i'm sorry and so i looked up some of his stats and he's thirty eight years old any probably if he keeps up the current run so the last couple of years you've been hovering between twenty and thirty ish he would need four more years to do it and i don't know if we're going to get four more super productive years out of him so unless he really gets on fire this year i'm going to have to swipe less swipe left all right all right and you know what we are totally like we're we're one mind tonight on supports tinder is i am also going to swipe left i did have some cause for pause here and that's the fact that you said you know when you talk about the home run numbers obviously seventy short and that feels attainable especially considering he does have sixteen this year which is a bit of a resurgence twentythree last year he's on pace to do better than that and in the current baseball environment where feels like everything's a home run i wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but i just i'm not comfortable betting on an athlete at his age so i have to look at it and say even the worl rooting for it i don't think it's going to happen so our next topic as a little bit less to do with what's happening on the field.

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