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That is not a joke by the way with adnan virk that's not no no no not he is did he send out those pictures of wearing the headband and the cutoff shorts adnan virk on federer when federal is playing everything stops in denver life the way i discovered this is mike golic junior now used to do a sunday morning show seventy nine and roger federer was playing a match at that time on a sunday and add in was tweet now just crazy stuff about how crazy was about federer and then we had him on the air and he said he's wearing all the stuff is the headband on he's got the rf shirt on he's at tennis gear watch all right maybe we'll check back in with him next segment just to enjoy his suffering a little more so if you want more world cup coverage you want to check out the max and hurt podcast on the espn app or apple podcasts hercules gomez thank you for joining us i believe i believe he could have played for mexico or the united states and decided to play for the united states but before we get to that let's play that since two shero sound on what sits the chereau's analysis of messy was and then just get a rebuttal or maybe a confirmation from hercules gaumont domestically he's when everything there is to win a barcelona yeah and he he started barcelona what thirteen yeah here's how you know what message about when they were winning the best things at barcelona messy we're shopping any esta david via that that was a team when they would break from two thousand eight on and go their separate ways for major tournaments javi and any esta and david via and although spanish guys from parsa for winning tournaments messy the second he steps on a field without that core is average and you have seen it in cope america's you have seen in a world cups shabbes not there because he s does not there because david is not there and the best players i've ever seen in my life can play with anybody fraud fraud hercules thank you for joining us your maiden voyage on the show do not laugh fraud your rebuttal thanks for having me i i i don't know what i heard i don't know what i'm listening to did he call the greatest player of all time of fraud it's like it's like braun dragging court is final after final after final hit messy does it make you had any conflicts town around him in the national team he no doubt in the best of all time this play by him so he took the to cope america finals in the world cup bio by himself he's singlehandedly got his team to the world cup team was terrible qualify if not their land messy is not even been in the world cup here's the issue barcelona how hands down shabby yes dhabi that though slots each had all this amazing talent confidence count around the pope and by the way that we can rica the coach coaching allen around him cohen counter support him he hasn't had to do it himself argentina by him so he will brian jane in a white drive blue jerseys deputy there's been there's no doubt my mind if she can't be a fraud because it's fun to say that fraud lebron gets his team to the finals wins occasionally you know messy can't do it it soccer eleven b eleven basketball if you have one player two players together you can do something special in soccer one of weeklies they can come at you that's what he can hurt you and teams understand it he's no that when he played argentina if you can somehow neutral like messy you're gonna win it's not to give a chance is going to win messy can't do everything by himself i never seen a player in my i'm thirty years old so let's not just talk about my lifetime there's video footage and answering going to youtube you can check whatever you want they lend might is on that court i never seen a player you what you can do.

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