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Unions and we're gonna start bargaining with them immediately on the impact of this decision and how to ensure we can implement it properly and fairly. The search is on for some 20 people missing after historic rain led to hard to believe flooding in Tennessee in Humphreys County, Tennessee, about an hour north west of Nashville. Charles Lambert has lost his home belongings in his car, blood waterwheel scare You 70 year old and never been scared and nothing. He had little time to act and they came to us, They told us You got to go and I pulled or bowled up and we went in parts of the area got 17 inches of rain. A new rainfall record for the state of Tennessee. Jim Krystle, a CBS News Cleanup's underway in the Northeast, following Tropical Storm Mahonri, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says power adages are the biggest issue right now we're holding the utilities accountable. 95% of the houses were without power right here in Canterbury. You've got to get the trucks here, You're going to be able to manage that, and you've got to prepare for the worst. And the National Weather Service has confirmed tornado in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Today. From that same system, the Dow was up to 68. This is CBS News. This hour's newscast is presented by Rocket mortgage when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it. Rocket can 33 on Monday, August 23rd 2021 93 degrees in the nation's capital, down to the low to mid seventies overnight. Good afternoon. I'm Brendan Hazleton, and I'm Hillary Howard. Now.

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