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Be an interesting one for me. The reason you more than hulkenberg. Slightly, is that what does that say about me? I'm not sure. You know like you like formula E, which is a position. And I guess there is no chance of a deal. So for any of our listeners, I don't know. So Oscar PA, an immense talent, one formula two in the Alpine program, sitting out this year and not racing in another category or series, but will be in fort has to be in Formula One, some somehow somewhere next year, but part of the Alpine program is there no chance of a deal between them and Aston, I guess, the point either Alex or Kevin made on Friday's podcast, which was, well, why would Alpine allow that? Because then they would be loaning out their star to a competitive team, but that has happened in the past. Yeah, and it's, yeah, and again, it's looked like sometime he's nailed on for Williams, but again, if you're Williams and you've got Logan sergeant coming through in F two, and he's your driver. You might think actually we'd rather back our own horse. So yeah, lots of I think this is going to be the summer's going to be really, really interesting. No, it's meant to be summer shut down and we'll all hopefully get some time off, but I think it's going to be a lot of news coming. Please, please. Please no drive in news in the summer shutdown. Please, I beg of you, I beg. Anything else that anybody, particularly wants to get off their chest today. Only if it's worth a shout out for Pierre gasly going from the pit lane to 12th I know that's not exactly the greatest drive of all time, but yeah, it's good when you know you're not in the best car anyway, starting from the pit laying out crikey. This is going to be a long afternoon, but kept plugging away. He hasn't had a great run of races recently. So fair play to him, I think. Yeah, and that AlphaTauri since the update. It's not given the set forward they want and they're still, they're still really confused by it. Like asley is just like, he was so upbeat on Friday in France, then come qualify him. He's like, I just feels like a different car. So they've got a lot of work, so it's been a real long point that's run for them. But I think that yeah, I think I agree with that. I think, yeah, that was a pretty good thing, I agree with that. I think it was a pretty good recovery from gasly. And again, in this midfield fight, it's just so close, like even astin are slowly sort of chipping away at it and I thought the Vettel's drive was fantastic against fight back up to tenth place. So really that sort of midfield sort of lower half of the order. I think with all jurisdiction with the exception of Williams, I think that it's actually going to be really, really close for the rest of the season, which is pretty exciting. As long as sonoda stops spinning and oh Yuki. You've finished one minute behind Latifi. One minute. That's just not, that's just not on. I think he really needs to, he needs to take the summer break and maybe get into the gym again and just kind of like just knuckle down because we know like he's so explosive as a driver, he has moments of brilliance and then moments of just sheer stupidity that you're just like, please, for the love of God, get it together. Yeah. That just sounds like a you know, to please report to

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