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Not as leedle norwich licken its crying and people are great on also should lay on the internet so big really lumpy yes i'm like oh somebody drawn of syrup so yes by atabinen repos as they now because i would like i want to lay myself way with his fate walmart being when it was real it was real i looked into it and if you've gotta wondering what we're talking about the osodi all hope it has this image of like this now mannequin head in on top of the hide up like a we've cap bray year and so walmart was selling this we've cap and the description that was used online is like still like mindblowing really you guys went there so they use the n word described as shade of and i've seen the e r dot yes like color for the we hear talk about and brown enough that they round and not and we're cleaning up in i mean it was completely lease bail out completely by knight see something needed a say like poor whites or you don't as they while iggy it was like if you said blue plaque orange they if it is description is in word bryan young so one more try to like cleanup their their step said they win they try to remove a and then they apologize ray but they're trying to blame it on their third party seller and which is to be it's like notes own up to a gator fall at the end of the day it was on your website and it's not ok and you're going to learn that screen shots exists now a day so it's like you need to like really just take responsibility like literally like emmys sick to my stomach greats like what i'm we are still looking at these i they and i amli i really cereal disgusted i was so disgusted because it's like i just feel like we're taking like such a huge step back could cite with racial slurs and it's like you're hearing fights on the streets and people is going over coming from a company like by morning like warmer in we're going to be blind wound up their exactly what are you mean he he now of float like in a w in aaa okay of walmart say whatever you know every caps and i saw every hater he said walmart raid on i'm sayin' so if they.

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