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WB classic Buick GMC of Carrollton news desk I'm Steve Several fires have been burning across North Texas. Today including one producing heavy smoke at a junk yard on east University Drive in Dedham there. Were no injuries reported in the junkyard fire was. Under control by five o'clock this afternoon several brush fires are still burning in North Texas they include the so-called eighteen eighty five fire, estimated at one hundred, acres in Parker county off farm. To market road eighteen eighty five north west of Weatherford that one is twenty percent. Contained there's also the gift co fire estimated at five hundred eighty acres in Ellis county just north of been Lowthian that one is seventy percent contained and there is. The ranger fire estimated at three hundred fifty acres Eastland county off I, twenty near ranger it is sixty, percent contained structural issues at the home, of former president Lyndon Johnson or keeping visitors away at least for now Kerry shoemaker reports national parks service says, the home known. As the. Texas White House on former president Lyndon Johnson's ranch in stonewall we'll. Be temp Parreira closed due to structural, issues the park service didn't give details but says no visitors will be allowed until. They determine it safe the LBJ ranch was where the former president was born lived and died. In one thousand nine hundred seventy three other attractions. At the Johnson national historic park will remain open I'm Kerry shoemaker a man was killed in a fourteen year old girl was wounded, in a shooting in, northwest Dallas love field early this. Morning twenty five year old Javier McMullan and the fourteen year old girl were shot. At on a stairway at the apartment building mcmullin was found dead in the breezeway the girl who had been shot multiple times was taken to children's medical center condition. Unknown now the forecast for news eight mostly clear skies are in the, forecast for tonight with lows in, the upper seventies Sunday will be sunny, with a high in the upper nineties Monday and Tuesday will find partly cloudy skies as we once again flirt, with triple digits I'm Steve coming. NewsTalk eight twenty WBZ around. The world there are young people who face a. Difficult decision continue their.

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