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The spirit. Of. Barry Bonds can transcend a little bit into the. Game you think I would think so absolutely you're gonna have a fantastic. Crowd You got the hall of famers there. You got the class class so the. Class there and berry. In the history and what he's done what he's accomplished in the game it's, not a? Better day I mean. There's. There's players that played with them I don't know who, you've who you've talked to. All day, there's a lot of people in town Dismore teammates and they're not hall of famers just teammates and. Understanding the greatness they've watched every day I mean he is a guy that really. I was watching him What's going on. With the game they wanna walk. My they picked to this guy he'll hit one hundred home. Runs he'll, drive in two hundred and fifty, runs until four hundred That's what that's what fans pay to, watch and he was such a good hitter that if he gathered in. An advanced bad if he, got, one pitch that's the one or two or three pitches the whole game and he did damage with. That's fine tune and. Special of a hitter he. Was mechanically and mentally mentally strong. Spiritually and everything else to be able to go up there Walk into that box Dana's own two feet and deliver something? That you just maybe I probably never gonna, see again well be honest well all right stick around we'll take a break. We'll come back with Jack Clark boy a. Special day around the ballpark today is very special unless I'm pushing for that number, twenty two next I wanna, tell you that all right I am and it's not only, yours will the threat that for both of you and I honestly mean. That that number salt we'll talk, to your one into the hall of that's thank you very much Jewish sports hall of fame September sixteenth.

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