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A R S, Kars. Kids donate your car today with one eight seven seven Kars for Kids we're a recognized five oh, one C three charity organization. So you'll receive a maximum tax deduction. What's more you'll receive a vacation voucher of three days and two nights? Also on the web, Kars for Kids dot com. Seven seven cars. Remember, that's Kars with a K. Hi, I'm doctor Shawn Blick a board certified urologist, specializing in men's sexual medicine. I have a message for prostate cancer, survivors, prostate surgery or radiation can cause a rectal dysfunction that may not respond to pills and injections. The good news. I have a solution from Boston scientific when other treatments fail for my patients. It's a life changing procedure that is covered by Medicare and many insurance companies. For more information, go to beyond the blue pill dot com, that's beyond the blue pill dot com. Co sponsored by Boston scientific Saint James here with Dr Bigham, the CEO of novocure. When I came to you years ago with lower back pain, you said, it's probably your sacred. Join. Yeah. If you have a lot of pain when you I stand up in the lower back or in the buttocks. It's probably inflammation mistake, really joint and novocure can inject these joints and blocked the pain fast and it worked for me. Call novocure. Four eight zero eight five five six six. Eight six or n v o c u r dot com. When do you want to spot that burglar when he's casing your home? Or after he's in asked John who's blink camera alerted him burglars trying to break in while he and his family were home core. Shannon, who's blink camera..

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