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Ten, on KFI More. Than John and Ken show John kobylt and Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty Well it's the LA county board of supervisors turned to try to raise your taxes they did vote four to one This. Afternoon to put before, the? Voters of. LA county these safe clean water program that's right safe comma clean water program got all the buzzwords right. That's right at somebody gets this means, you're against safety, and clean, water when you when you, look at. It right if. You, don't read the fine print you. Might be of course I'm, in favor of safe clean water I would vote yes on the only one they voted. No apparently was Catherine Barger but. The, other supervisors and I'm looking at the press release from John's favorite Janice Han. John's other favorite Mark Ridley Thomas Basically saying it's up to. The voters those are crazy people That's yeah and then you got to Hilda. Solis and Schiller fuel The, board now. While aboard is really off the wall left-wing progressive yeah It's all crazy people except for this Catherine Barger. Yeah she replaced Antonovich I think that's the, only section. Of the county that's not. Insane. When it comes to voting holy mackerel what a. Crowd, their faces he's so it's going to raise your property tax Bill well it says here the. Median annual tax would be about eighty three dollars about one hundred bucks and the idea is to prevent storm. Water to. Capture, it using permeable materials instead of concrete, to build. Sidewalks This, particular tax that they're proposing though Would affect property, not just your property but include driveways anything. Where rainwater can gather and run off why don't what they want to stop is from, it from going. Out to the sea the storm water we've heard about this before So that's a tax it's on driveways patios parking lots, buildings any surface that, fails to allow, rainwater to percolate into the ground okay you. See the difference so your backyard wouldn't be considered that your driveway would you know whatever, other property and. Apparently this affects businesses too This this is where You know they spent a billion and a half plus on illegal alien healthcare every. Year in the county and this is where you get hurt by all that money spent on a legal immigrant healthcare is when it comes time to come up with a new. Storm water drainage system all we. Don't have any money you gotta pay other taxes thing about that billion and. A, half over there That's not for you you're an American. Citizen you, don't get that money you give us new money now you don't want humanitarian y you don't. Want polluted stormwater to go into the ocean okay so you give us more money now let's go back to work make more money give it to us we'll decide who gets. The money okay legal immigrants they. Get lots and lots of money you will give a little bit of money Just. So you, don't have see don't swim in dirty fecal. Water when you, go to the ocean so it's. Specifically is a special. Two and a half. Cent parcel tax property tax. On each square foot of. Impermeable land that stormwater cannot filter. Through as I mentioned before such as a concrete sidewalk. So. For instance John you have like a, lawn don't you I do. Have a lawn. Yeah so for your. Property they wouldn't include that I. Mean, how does. This work is kind of tricky I. Know I I don't really understand all this You have a driveway though right Yeah it's a tax. On driveways patios parking lots buildings any surface that allows. Rainwater Not allow rainwater to percolate into the ground right okay so you're in other words it could end. Up running off into the sewers and out to the see. Any grass and dirt the water sinks into the grass in dirt and goes underground everything else runs into the. Street? Runs downhill eventually ends up in stormwater, drains that funnel out at the ocean right and because when you have storm water it can pick up all. The filth that's, in the streets and they're worried. That all that's going off into so you. Know, it's the businesses supermarkets gas, stations. You have, lots, of asphalt lots of cement, yeah that's think of. Those places right and then The more. You. Know it's What's funny is you know they tell you to, get?.

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