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It's good it's funny but a lot of these roles wouldn't it be more daring and more sort of uh openminded if they cast engineer cody as all oil yeah and said instead of just his sort of character regina hall yes if those had all but cody instead of just her yeah i i think that would have been brea i think that would have been like shattering standards monies blown a lot of these women off the screen and you just go like well is it fair to van that they've got to act against engineering odious regina hall when we could have had entered could he is regina hall acting against engineer cody is tiffany hadish who and so that to me would have been okay now we got a real movie on our hands than celebrates the diversity of cody rage yes and honestly probably would have won an oscar yeah nia instead of just ruining what it's gonna win which i don't know what that is i dunno either go to you on that poster with different costumes sia now it's just you when this we just set this whole thing up it's just use regina haul it's not you're not paying off or him but you on that poster you really want to see that big dark oh oh yeah yeah yuri really you're you're thirsty for it that hostess with the most mess with what does he think of those hostess with the most is to hug sucked that he was the hostess with the most i mean you definitely looking to host that dong.

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