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He was convicted in a mine disaster that killed twenty nine miners he was convicted and did a year for violating safety standards at his mind now just to add some more entertainment value to this race in west virginia mr don blankenship has been running all kinds of ads on tv he's been going after mitch mcconnell the leader of the us senate and here is one of the ads where he's talking about mitch mcconnell and his wife mrs chow who is the head of the us transportation department she has chinese relatives in the shipping business so that's your frame of reference here is he's talking about giving jobs to china the chinese person mitch mcconnell etcetera and i would like to caution you before you hear this you're gonna get an overabundance of personality from this well and and set the rest of the scene give him the visuals on this guy is standing in front of this greenhouse american flag behind him and he's you'll hear what he has to say and then at the end these two blond girls pop up in his arms they look like twins they do look like twins and i'm hoping there at least related to him and they didn't just get some girls off the turkey should say they look like they're about three or four years old don't look like stormy daniels no no no no no there little girls girls but they just come out of nowhere they're all the sudden in his arms it's weird but yeah to admit that would really be something if they look like stormy daniels popped up in the here's this thirty second ad i'm don black chip candidate for us senate and i approve this message swamp captain mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people while doing so mitch rich in fact as china family has given him tens of millions of dollars mitchell swamp people are now running false negative ads against me they are also childishly calling me despicable and mentally ill the war to drain the swamp and create jobs for west virginia people has begun we'll beat joe mansion and ditz cocaine mitch for the sake of the kids here are the girls at the end of the kids to call mitch mcconnell cocaine mitch okay mitch and in some of the polling now in west virginia he's leading the other two republicans who are both the.

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