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Had really nice things to say about Eric he's just a super guy an outlook y'all heard an interview with him before if you watch them on the show you're not getting the full picture he just as great as everyone says he is is that grading grade sure he's like an awesome guy I really hope pick play again 'cause he so deserving he's a wonderful man I think part of the thing that really threw us off about Eric was thinking the freaking me talked about how sneaky he was going to be and he talked about how he wanted to try to be like Tony and based on what we ended up seeing on the show that he ended up being really wait a really different expectation yes it just his pre interviews didn't come across well either I remember watching them thanking what in the world is he doing these interviews why would he say this type of stuff not who he worker who he is okay so let me ask you some of these questions that I have for you and Jeff Pittman wants to know Ron if you were in charge of Robin Sandra's school what kind of lessons would the Ron Clark Survivor Academy teach would you include the giant heads more in the education process a lot of people really wanted to know this in terms of your methodology. Well what types things would you want to see Robin Sandra be teaching Yeah I don't know about the heads part but I always let me ask you at the Ron Clark Academy is there a giant Ron Clarke had not I have really huge giant I mean really AAC thirty foot tall photos of our students Jim Yeah so you make it about the students right I feel good that seems more like we're that you would go to let's go teach from people that maybe if they have giant statues of themselves there than that maybe that's that seems more egotistical now I know Sandra didn't do the set design but I I think you've made the right choice that you shouldn't have a gigantic statue of yourself towering over the student for reality TV it works fine but not for a rural school but I would say lessons that they should teach his learn from your mistakes all I think it's really important like Jamal for example he when he came back he was he said we'll forgive them for blindsided me but I will not forget the thing that's important that he said he won't forget it because like Gavin Gavin lied to Eric's face blindside him landed meet voted out eric in that I ended up trusting Gavin again than Gavin lied to me did the same thing to me so when somebody as you who they are the first time you believe it so enlarging our stakes out also like teach the importance of making contact when you're having a conversation like earlier Vince looking to the left when people asking him will you work with us so making a contact on getting to know people at they already did in the last episode helping others like whenever you see this somebody needs something whether it's for example we got the Pilla off of the when we got marooned yeah and are you laughing at me I love the way you say pillow Oh gosh okay well how do you say I would say pillow Oh okay you put much more effort into it at this pillow and so whenever people go sit down I would make sure that they had the pillow make sure that people bring their cup of rice like when Christmas she's bleed make sure you okay like you WanNa make sure it like memory and Julie was hurt she could walkout the challenge I picked her up so on out to kind of teach empathy taking care of each other making sure everyone's okay because people have breakdowns on survivor daily has a release showed all the time but people have breakdowns and you're the person that consoles them and they sort of see you as a comfort they're going to be less likely to but you out because they're going to be thinking Oh my God breakdown more who's GonNa Console me something important lesson to learn as well so to go back to what you were saying about where Gavin he voted out eric can you put your trust back in him if somebody betrays your trust on survivor do you have to vote that person out immediately or are there any circumstances when you can reopen that relationship and work with them again this is an interesting question because Lloyd and I've had this exact same intercession in Loyd is on the mindset if they ever blindside you are loud you once you got to get them out immediately out they've got one and so but I'm more of the mindset there's a certain number of people on that island and you got to mend relationships rebuild relationships you you wanna stay around as long as possible you just can't burn every bridge because if you do or if you're trying so hard to get somebody out just because they lied to you one time you're gonNA end up being the one that becomes the target yeah and it's situational depends on this why should sometimes too I mean we see it happen a lot on survivor especially on big brother also because it's such a long season on the you don't follow the Big Brother do adult okay well it's such a long season that happens a lot and you tend to see people betray person and then they earn their trust back then they just betray them again and I really think that you you can work with them but you could never trust that person again because I think that they have shown you who ourselves I think I would subscribe to that but I don't think you can make sort of your mandate that okay well this person lied to me now I have to get them out but I think he do you know even if you're going to like okay let me you work with this person for a little bit that that is something that they are very capable and willing to do to you as an example aw on Aurora now we were very very close on our season we would fight and then be very close is very odd dynamic but we still very close so oh I didn't tell her we're voting job she was too close to Joe so we vote out Joe she was so hurt even tried to console her she still never let it go later on in the season she even gives her extra vote because she trusted me that much but still those feelings were still down deep chief mentally voted me out in part of the reason why she never got over the fact that voted out Joe she never really let that go so keep that in mind if if you listener ever on the show before if you on if somebody if you love somebody one time they're never gonNA give you a hundred percent trust with you one hundred percent they probably never really aren't so when you once you break trust once it's hard to remember it back to on the state that it was before Ron Mike Edwards wants to know of your essential fifty-five rules which one best fits for survivor did you find after you played that one of the essential fifty five really applies to survivor I think yes generic one but it's one is is carpet damages go forward and This live for the day and that's what I try to do on survivor and sometimes allied now's manipulating announced on all kinds of things but in my head out just saying Ron you got this opportunity my goodness you've wanted forever don't waste it go forward do whatever you have to do so a lot like a lot of things I was doing she's doing it because I was just trying to live in the mall uh I didn't want to disappoint viewers would be saying to me why don't you try this what are you try that and so I think just go for it and in every moment in everything that you do relish the experience hunt for the crabs getting the coconuts use the flint make the fire build the relationships go push yourself to your limits challenge try to make alliances just for so ron as the master of the lesson plan could you come up with the in a way that rob and Sandra could teach carpet DM surly good question or what's the quiz they could do to test you on carpet I would probably tell them the probably do something in the next immunity challenge there's going to be an opportunity for somebody to do something somebody has to volunteer for your child to do something we wouldn't know if you're going to volunteer to do it or not and it might be really elaborate puzzle it might be have to swim by being you you have to be the one to dig the hole and go under it and you know you may not be successful at it and it may cost does your trump to lose because you meant to be successful this special thing is we want to see if you're willing to go forward if you're willing to raise your hand and say I want to do it in that would prove us that you're willing to and if you raise your hand that you willing to go forward you're going to get this idol but it may cost you try to lose a you'll make trouble council but you'll have this eitel are you willing live for you willing to dream big are you willing to take this moment at hand and make it happen and go for this kind of what I would that'd be great I like that Ron you think that there should be a cast of getting the survivor contestants to learn the names of all of the survivor winner there's and to help them prepare Robin Sandra could do a wrap of all of these survivor winners yes I could write a rat that'd be so far and yet that's a great idea yeah I love it yeah that's a very clever way I thought it now yeah of course of course that Ryan Clark the author of the famous presidents wrap it now let's get down to the president you learn it will start with George Washington straight from out earned there you go yeah Ron I want to get your take on Nora who we haven't talked about what would it be like for you to live with you think that you would be able to appreciate Nora for the entertainment value or did she get on your nerves she get him on earth on it's like this in real life I'm sure nor is great on on survivor it's a different type of it makes you different and went in like when you don't eat days people who are listening if you didn't eat for five days you personality changes you become different loud or maybe angry you have quicker Tom and so I think maybe she's experienced some of that but Yeah I think it would drive me crazy especially when Jason was like stop dancing but I can't stop dancing Tis ron think of Jason's no dancing rule I don't think that that would fly on Comma I can get Jason to dance ahead them all dancing all comma and so listen when we were doing those dances I didn't think that would ever be some that's going to be shown on TV. I'm like show Strategy Strategy and we're just being goofy and silly there they go that's on TV and I'm grinding on all like I believe they're showing Komo it was so happy to games and the music and we were doing all kinds of Olympics it was fun I think he would have been swept up in it okay if he didn't go off an idol So John Simon's wants to know are you liking nor dance moves better than Jason was so as our resident dance spur in judge what do you make of Nora's dance moves for centipede snake was actually okay with our nice good go back and watch issue it was a good snake she's got some riddle my like the role okay going back to Tommy Kristen liner Kohl wants to know has run reached out to Tommy what former survivor did ron most want to meet and now Tommy told Josh Wigley are pre-game that he was very excited was his dream to have dinner with you have you ended up making contact with Tommy Yeah actually I've talked to Tommy so Week we have about six hundred educators so around the country that comes to Atlanta they sit in my classroom that go throughout the school they meet all the teachers and they watch teach than take our memphis back to their schools and so I invited him to come down so hopefully will become a now for too long but seems like a great ray guy in the prior to going on survivor it's kind of funny because actually pre interview they said which previous survivor players would you like to meet or would you like to be on track with and I said Joe one of the reasons why they ended up picking me to be on the show was there thinking Oh my goodness this guy wants to hang out with these two people these are the two people are going to be there when we put Ron in the mix so that.

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