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When you come back from Paris. Why, from a wife talking like Don ho? Yeah, Dragon, you know, like about the Hollies, and I mean I'm trying because I lived in Hawaii for 15 months and I did. Balconies were always Lynn eyes, and ever since then, they've been lionized. That's what I call a balcony and poo Poos are appetizer. Give me said that his dad had to tell him after he lived in high for like 4.5 years. You need no one in the family can understand because he was speaking pidgin, right? And you speak? Yes, Ugo, you It's It's just got up English, and it's just shortening every word and difficult to understand. It's just 100% calls, but you pick it up and it's like people who would move, you know. To the east Coasters. Something might pick up something moved to Minnesota. And you made certain Doc and having your nose bar. But it is kind of funny because you do pick it up and you could see that but but to have perpetuate. I forgot how to say, How do you say you come down to D? C? How do you say are you say? How do you say, you know? And even if you spend him your time there, I mean, it's just so I know so they're very upset and they went entertainment to very upset, meaning. They're very embarrassed. It's got the enemy. You're so embarrassed, but you have to. You have to let it go because you just look foolish. Okay. Now the mirror heard from sources who claim that this couple is essentially over. You did the fact that these two live separate lives in California and Wyoming. Oh, Kanye and Kim. That's right, essentially over. Didn't we find that out when he called her, Kim? Chris Jungle alone and said, I've been trying to get a divorce when he was tweeting all of that, saying horrible things about their chill. He's he's a Now He's a man you love to hate cause I'm sometimes I like his music. Yeah, but I can't stand him. No one would want anyone to be married for he seems exhausting. But I will say him calling Kris Jenner. Kris Johnson was one of my favorite few things that came out of 2020. Sometimes when I look at I just go. Yeah. Chris young woman, but she's smart as a fox. Yeah, I mean, she has made money for that anyway, but I mean, they've died. They did the end Studies show of strength from Wyoming. Yeah, this fall and then dark. It's he wasn't even in any of the Christmas or New Year's thing. No, you believe it's essentially quote unquote idea. She just cut a deal for part of one of her brands to Cody. Um, C O t y that brand for $200 million and I'm sure she wants him out of everything 20% stake. I think she wants him out of everything because she's makes money. He has the dying business. We he gets sued by people. He is not a responsible business person. Kim and Kanye are over. Wouldn't you believe that Chris Junk own would make him officially split up with candy before the Cody deal so he can't get us? How do we know that? It hasn't happened? Exactly? You don't know that essentially over is that they are over, right? You don't know We don't know anything That's happened. They only tell us what they want us, right? But maybe they are there that that good and She's an attorney so she could worship. Yeah, but I mean, she works with the law firm. She would have people in confidentiality things going on. I I hope for her because I think he's a dingus Miranda's tour. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Now, this isn't a 2020 such 2021. Headline. I hope this is a sign of the way the year is going to go, Mommy influencers feud over Their baby's name. Which the baby Name is baby but spelled differently. Baby baby, Okay, They're feuding. One is called baby because she loved the first time she heard Baby is a name wasn't dirty Death. Nobody puts baby in the corner on And then the B Bay baby Stories came out baby, baby, baby, His mother says, Yeah, there are their friends. And our man because they both named their baby baby. Well, this'll cannot be the way it was ever had theirs. First with my talk 1071. Hi. This is.

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