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So you're not being fully prepared I'm walking into a restaurant meeting someone in Bali Plotkin and then had everyone turn around and we'll get you in the room that takes a little getting used to. because. It's not your typical business meeting and sometimes you forget. Right that's a good point. Now, with these names that you will you've grown and evolved, you've grown evolved your client list fairly significantly, and as you said, you have a lot of military and leadership speakers, which is awesome. But you also have rightly coattail Br Brian Prop Mike quick, Ranjan Gorski lots of really notable Philadelphia athletes. How did you evolve? That was just a matter of being in the room with Mike Quick in the naturally you run into and meet some other people or or is it something that you know evolves more naturally because you're just putting yourself where those people are going to be how do you develop that? Where do you start if you're trying to meet a particular individual? Honestly it's very organic. I've never never had the need to really search someone out I. Really enjoyed working with everyone when we started the company. So would you lay that groundwork and I have to say what? Memorable in the. Field is that? Athletes can very quickly detect when they're someone who wants to get to know them because of their wow factor. So someone who's a huge sports fan and they just want to be around an athlete I look at people as a good product. The I need to make sure that my hiring client is getting what they are hiring this person to do. So the fact that I. Probably come off a bit different than most of the people who want to get to know them that really stands out but I guess the biggest thing that makes me stand out is that here's the big secret. I'm not a sports fan. So I think that's what surprises us. Of course you're not going to be all a starstruck when you meet them right in that's going to help your situation. Yes, and So when you said before your question, what are some of the most embarrassing things among lack of knowledge of sports that would probably be with L. doubt is women meet someone and they're talking about the professional career I have to say I know but you do take the transparent approach right I hear that in your story that you're just GONNA walk up to them and say look I necessarily know how many touchdown catches you've had Mike quick or how many touch downs you've thrown around your ski but I'd love you as a figure on stage I love your stage presence and I'd love to represent US ed more or less your approach. It's really word of mouth. So Helen that Roger were ski was I had met and I honestly have to search to figure out health even started. When am I have I start this sentence all the time one of my favorite clients they're all my favor clients Kevin Reilly. Kevin Riley is one of..

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