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He and Joe Di Napoli Napoli were just great guest last night, too. Brave police officers who Were seriously wounded on I believe, in the case of at least one of them. They died literally died on but had to be reset, resuscitated on a on an operating table, So this this work is dangerous, and there's a really political push here. One would argue to make it even more dangerous and that's what we're talking about right now, with the chief of police from Chelsea, Brian Kai's He's the president of Massachusetts major City chiefs of Police and Mark Lady, the executive director himself a former chief in Northborough, Massachusetts. He's currently the executive director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association. I want to go to phone calls, and if there's anything that either of you feel we haven't covered in the first couple of segments. Let me give an opportunity to Ah to address anything that you'd like to follow up on a cleanup on before we go to phone calls, Gentlemen. I just want to jump in, and I just want to know what you just mentioned about DiNapoli and Mario Olivera to two American heroes to Ah, good friends of bullet Mark and I, and certainly back in the 10 4011 when they were both shot in two separate incidents, the huge advocates for police around not just the entire state with the entire country. I heard you your segment last night. I thought it was excellent. And one which Mario Happy birthday as he's home. Relax. He's listening. Probably is actually happy Birthday. Well, he came very close to not having any more birthdays. Both he and Joe DiNapoli, That's for sure. 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 1930. The debate at the Legislature Uh, affect more than just police. It affects all of us. Let's go first off to Sandy in West Roxbury. Sandy welcome first tonight of the Ring Central. Nice. I call a line. Thanks for calling in Sandy. What's your question or comment? I just have a comment. I just can't imagine how frustrating this must be, because yes, there bad policeman is that this is their bad Will everybody and and it's just no emphasis being put on the good ones. And I just think it's so unfair and and I don't know how they stand The frustration of all of this. I really don't know. Gentlemen like to respond to what Sandy had to say. I definitely would, Sandy. Thank you, but I'll tell you truthfully, we believe in our hearts that a lot of people feel exactly the way that this has been our life's work for a long time. We won't shy away from it. But we also have to remember that your police officers just come from the ranks of your community. We're not growing. I don't think so. I think so. I think what you do is so high and the average person would not want to do it. Thank you. Leave that. I think the point that's being made. Sandy is that The folks who aspire to be police officers are People from West Roxbury Dorchester Experience never community you want. They are looking to help people to protect and serve and you do have incidents like the one Out in Minneapolis, which are indefensible, indefensible. But what has happened now is that there are some in my opinion, and the Chiefs don't have to agree with me on this one. But there is some political forces out there who want to weaken police departments and want to weaken policing. And I don't believe you're right. Well, that's that's what I believe. And this has become. This is not anymore is faras. I'm present a law enforcement issue. It is. It's become a political issue. Gentlemen, you can You can agree to disagree or or you could take the fifth on that one. If you like. You know me. Well, I just think, just in fairness to Brian, who is still a chief Uh, I I don't disagree with that concept for one minute. And when all of when you roll all of these things together between the so called movement to what the defund the police the claims of of over policing of neighborhoods. Crazy people have to remember that the best majority of our services are derived from calls for service. What people are calling, saying There's a problem in front of my house. Come take care of it. And very little conversation is given to that. I agree with you. It's a very, very little Philosophy that He's just out of step with what the men and women who are guarding your communities are trying to do to keep everyone said We're on the same page, Sandy. Thank you very much for your call. And thanks. Thank you for your support of police. So I'm hoping that some legislators will be listening tonight to this conversation. And the reason I'm hoping that Sandy and gentlemen Is that there's there's a lot of legislators up there who You know who are clearly not supportive of police, in my opinion, okay? And and they are looking at this, as they say, from a political point of view, trying to make their bones politically or whatever. I'm hoping that the vast majority of members in the House of Representatives and maybe some rational people in the state Senate will will hear what you're saying and come to realize that Yeah, it might be the flavor of the month, you know, cut the legs out from the Police department, both in terms of funding or in terms of tying their hands and putting them in greater danger. And maybe they could go back to make a speech or two in their community and get a cheap round of applause. But the bottom line is they're going to do a lot of damage to police departments to the men and women who serve to the families of those police. Those police officers. And ultimately to the community themselves. That's what really bothers me. And that's why we had and a rather Joe and Mario on last night, just to talk about the dangers of the work, and that's why it's important to have You gentlemen on tonight to talk about the hard work that has to be done at the Legislature. It's unbelievable that that something like this is even being considered seriously because it was something that should have been considered seriously. They should have been talking about it in March. Last October 3 years ago, five years ago, and it should not have been precipitated by this one horrifically ugly incident this murder of an innocent man in minutes Minneapolis in late May. I agree, But I think if I could, yes, fight back, if you don't mind, you watch it all because I mean, I'm involved with with a lot of the Legislature's. I gotta just provides some pallets. I mean, honestly, a lot of members up there at the State house to do a phenomenal job. And they do listen, and they do engage and you know the only I guess. The concern that we had is police chiefs was that some of this legislation inarguably and to be quite honest in both bills. Just really just went to plan and we're not saying that they're not doing their job. We're not saying that they're not approaching this in a thoughtful manner. You know, we're not here, Norma Martin, your eye to the passion of the people up in Beacon Hill. We think they do They have a hard job just like we do. But again, we just thought that number one with the clock was ticking up till July 31st. Which is now a non issue, which is great. We just hope that the carpets committee that exists right now The six members of Stern's 33 representatives are working on this issue to reconcile the difference between the two bills. We just hope they have the time that they need To approach this in a thoughtful manner. That leadership gives him that direction. That ability to go onto next week. The week after Hall belong it takes to get this right. Who were the members of of the members of the committee. This is the conference committee and whatever comes out, gets voted up her down. I know the way the system works up there, correct And sometimes that works..

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