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Media's your listening to john gibson it is john gibson so couple of the people have spoken up about richardson's so chris sinking edges said add to this i know you think it's worse and i'm not talking to you right now no you can't do the we have a show on you just don't listen today we've talked about this a scoring this is pro speed dubee to yeah no not a whole segment it's a great story and the first segment yeah it is and i'm mad that actually people call because now you're going to think that you're right well i am so people and i just want to mention this see there's story in the washington post about this christine and the them podcast so you're about to listen to but a damn tab risky i has been called morally suspect and having the potential to be here redeem a bullying exploit tate a of or emotionally dishonest or borderline exploited of the new yorker cause that the it talks about the queasiness a deeper dive entertainment journalism what prerogative korean critics wanna know does diverse key or for that matter his listeners have the right to in shrewd upon the privacy of a retired star just down i did it now the guy righty nez says oh no the richard simmons is somebody who i can't just drop out he can't just go stew's fans he get he took on four hundred pound people and personally got them on the right die had an exercise and he made causes out of people he he would get on the phone with people and talk to them through their eating difficulties and they're wait difficulties he's actually sought out the fans is house was on the but tour the hollywood stars home map and he would come out and flag down the torre bus this guy says it says that one tour bust driver head seen richard simmons two hundred times because richard simmons a rush out of his routes are there stops that staff member to get bigger picture so there before we have a right to invaders privacy at this point triple eight seven eight eight nine nine one zero i do fans have a right to well there's tends there's a star have a right to go dark come.

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