Sousa, Harvey Oswald, Barack Obama discussed on Chris Plante


Everybody loves lesbian she was just pandering to our better angels there she she was hoping of course not really rosie the national sousa was on the television this morning when when he was told the rosy donations which story broken by the new york post why would anybody else do it rosie o'donnell's campaign donations to democrats went over the legal limit rosie o'donald made illegally oversized campaign donations to at least five democratic federal candidates are courting to a new york post analysis of campaign filings somebody's gotta look at this stuff i guess they liberal comedian using the word very very loosely has regularly broken federal election commission rules limiting the total any one person can give to an individual candidates at two thousand seven hundred american dollars per election the limit applies separately to primaries runoffs and general elections nothing nefarious the outspoken star and donald trump arch nemesis wrote in an email to the new york post i was not choosing to over donate really a lee lee harvey oswald wasn't choosing to sure sure if two thousand seven hundred is the cutoff she said candidates should refund the money sure give him the million and they'll refund everything over the two thousand seven hundred now dinesh d'souza also said well i wasn't aware of the limits on the thank she's a college friend i sent her a donation of twenty thousand dollars not knowing it would violate the law but obama and holder threw him in prison prison there were killers in there and stuff he was in prison i don't look to see who i can donate most to she said i just donate assuming they do not accept what's over the limit.

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