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Down once more with the fire extinguisher and officers picnic. From the daily Mail. And this was some time ago now because this guy was arrested more than a week ago, January 14th the headline is that a retired firefighters? 55 was arrested for throwing fire extinguisher at cops during capital riots, hyphen, but he's not the suspect in Officer Brian Sick. Nick's death. That's the daily mail. The New York Post ex firefighter arrested for allegedly tossing fire extinguisher at Capitol cops and this goes down and there's video of this, but this is not the instance involving Brian Sick, Nick and the absurdity of this one. The irony of this is that That the individual involved in this is a retired firefighter by the name of Robert Robert Sanford of both win Pennsylvania and videotape and all of that and identifiable clothing, and he was identified and he was arrested and As he should be for throwing a fire extinguisher at police officers at the Capitol or anyplace else, just by the way. But those are two separate instances. And there is as CNN reports today based on their sources, who are giving them very direct information from the autopsy, and so on. No blunt force trauma. No fire extinguisher. No videotape, No photos, No Any of that, Um, was not knocked unconscious and taken away by ambulance at that time, but instead went back to his office and collapse later that that said the officer is still died, and there was a Malay and all of that, so with that said Moving on. White supremacy and white privilege in Bernie's mittens. I would say that the fact that we had this young African American woman 22 years old is the port poet laureate of the galaxy, I think in perpetuity. Um, you know, she got a modeling contract along with Kamala Harris is cartoon daughter. Have you seen the cartoon Doral kinds of cartoons matched up with camel Aris? His daughter? She doesn't look entirely. I think somebody maybe you should pull her aside and have a talk with her. She looks distressed. I think somebody stretches that you can see by the look on the face. She reminds me of a face that I'll never forget. In Sarajevo. I was in a vehicle and a nearly empty trolley car next to us. In in Sarajevo. There was a woman hanging from a strap even though there was plenty of seating available, and she had it was during the bad old days and the mid nineties. Snipers and all that stuff, and this woman had a very, very sad look on her face and 1000 yard stare. It looked like she hadn't slept in weeks and and I'll never forget her face because he was she was for me, a symbol of everything that's going on in Bosnia at the time. And when I look at camera, Harrison's daughter, I'm reminded of her face, so I don't think she grew up in Bosnia. The Camellia Harris's daughter, speaking of Camel, Harrison Camel hair is his daughter. It turns out that where is he? I have the story here. So Adam shiftless, Uh, speaking of lying at the First Amendment doesn't protect lying than Adam Schiff is in a great deal of trouble because he's been lying and lying and lying for months for years for years every day, going on national cable television that nobody's watching and just making up fantastical lies. On a daily basis to steady diet of falsehoods. But I guess the First Amendment protects that He did it on CNN. And there's John King. And this this lunatic legal analyst Jennifer Rogers, who doesn't know anything about the Constitution, The bill of rights. The First Amendment there, she's a legal scholar allegedly and she's on national television. Playing the role of pseudo journalist and she says the First Amendment doesn't protect lying. You don't have a First Amendment right to lie is their incredibly ignorant people. Where do they find these ignorant people They have, like the ignorant desk. Let's go to the ignorant there. Let's go to the wrong about everything all the time. Jennifer Rogers for her misguided opinion on the Second Amendment wall. A second Amendment doesn't say, but you have the right to bear arms. Oh, yeah. And she got a modeling contract. The stepdaughter of Kamila Harris, What is up with that modeling? Modeling isn't what it used to be. Even you know, back then it wasn't what it used to be. But now it really isn't what it used to be. But here comes Adam shiftless ex CEOs. The left wing blog's psych Shift lobbying Newsome to be California's next attorney general. Well, he I mean, you need a pathological liar. Carmela was the attorney general, the state of California She had an affair with Willie Brown, the Democrat. Speaker of the house there the on and then her career took off. Zoom zoom, little zoom, zoom no time to stop representative Adam Schiff, representative Adam Schiff, also known as shiftless, So the people that known Is quietly lobbying lobbying Goob, Inner Gavin Newsom and his allies to appoint him California's next attorney general, according to people familiar with the matter. It's the old people familiar with the matter. Everybody's anonymous. It's a game of telephone. Everything's a secret. That's why false stories get out there. Um, you know so many false stories. Hands up. Don't shoot completely false, completely fabricated by a career criminal and the news media goes with career criminal, but apparently the First Amendment does protect the right to lie if it serves the interests of the Democratic Party. Um, honestly, the lies they're so big. Make him so big. You see, Um if Newsom selects Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, a confidante of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. House Democrats would lose a powerful party voice in the U. S House. He's the most famous liar in Washington, D. C. If his lips are moving, you can be roughly 100% sure that what he's telling you is a lie that he knows it to be untrue. And and the media Axios here who typed this up some lefty. They don't even put their names on it anymore because they know everything is false, Pretty amazing stuff. They literally don't put their name on it. It's it's remarkable. Because they know it's Bs. So that would be a problem for Nancy Pelosi. That's okay. They would just fill the seat with another Democrat. Hey, gave up this heat in the 221 to 211 majority Nonetheless, plus, he has given her approval if shift Shifts bid to Ah, clear sign. She thinks she can manage without him. Well, I'm the media is very concerned how Nancy Pelosi is going to manage if shiftless goes notorious, pathological liar to become the chief law enforcement officer of our most populous state. That is California. Aren't they? Amazing? Yes, there. I think it's another sign of white supremacy, looking at Adam Schiff to become the obviously white supremacy. What else could it be? No, they're possibly. But And now he might. Adam Schiff might have to sleep with Willie Brown. That appears to be one of the criteria for the position. When you say position Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Public school instructs third graders to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities in order to understand privilege and power, power and privilege. Marlowe Safi at the Daily Caller. Public elementary school in California reportedly instructed third grade students to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities in order to understand power and privilege. According to Discovery Institute scholar Christopher Roof. Oh, Ri Meyer holds elementary school, part of the Cupertino Union School District in San Jose, California is that we're apple is that's where Apple is right. That's where they keep your time. And you think Cupertino reportedly held a session on social identities during a math class for a third grade students where their teacher asked the students to list their race class gender. With the race, class and gender. The Marxist analysis here that is again religion. How dare you and family structure? That is, if you have two parents. That's white supremacy, Also in an identity map roof reported based on documents he obtained from the school and so here the documents and they want the third graders. To feel bad for being white male probably start advocating transgender transition from Transylvania as soon as possible. Because that's what they do. They're they're Democrats. They're just crazy. All right, let's go to let's go to some lunch bucket, Joe we want Tomo. Well, actually, before millions Hong Kong Well, let's take a phone call..

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