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We're just in Disneyland just because you know we've been here and we just want to spend the day exploring this parking that running between the parks and just A lot of it's just probably going to be wandering around, too. And just like saying hate We haven't been to this place that we love for a very long time, and we're back. Well, I guess you answered my question. If it's if it's completely indoors, probably not open. So the blue by you restaurant is not open. I usually go. Exactly. Yes, Blue Bayou is not open A couple other ones aren't Cafe Orleans is open. Oh Cantina in about two and galaxy's edge. It is not open this again. It's an old completely under think so. That's not open yet. We'll have to wait and see when that this real well Amy King, I have to say I'm jealous of you. But happy for you that you get a chance to have all this glorious fun. And you actually, actually are you doing a little bit of work calling into clarify today, but thank you for letting us know firsthand how much fun you're having the happiest place on earth. Well, thank you Can't just give a shout out to Chris. Little for working for me today. Much appreciated. Yeah, He's right there. Chris. Amy has a shoutout for you. Hey, Wow. Thanks, baby. And you also have the traffic guy. Nick Peg, Leo. Cheeky me working there as well. Playing with you. There's well. Let's check in now with Nick probably okay. Me. I'll give you an update on what I'm flowing on Main Street, right? Yeah, That's right. It is not a sig alert. But I welcome that CASS alert for you to make it way down. Main Street USA. You got cast members so left and the right along at the entrance to the Emporium. And as you make your way down to the partner statue at the center middle of the park heading toward the castle looks pretty good into fantasy land. You'll see a little bit of a backup as you make way into adventure land. And then as you make your way off planet onto back to it is definitely gonna be busy for you at the marketplace, but once you make the way Over to the South East corner where I hear that there's a resistance underway. It looks like a much better drive. Okay, bye Traffic sponsored by the Mo Kelly show 68 P. M on Saturday and Sunday. Can find this guy helps get you there Faster. I'm Nick Polio. Katie. I'm sorry. Mispronounced your name, Nick. I never say it. You always say it Well, as you've been hearing for may be King and Nick Disneyland has reopened after being closed for 13 months. Amy says it is a fabulous day Their U. S. Health officials have concluded that it was anxiety and not a problem with the Corona virus vaccine that caused apparent reactions and dozens of people earlier this month. And the newly appointed bishop of President Joe Biden's home diocese in Delaware, says he would gladly speak with the president about his stance on abortion. But he's not saying whether he would allow bite into keep receiving Communion, as his predecessor has will check your drive on the 60. Next impact from the exertion temporal scanner Thermometer Weather center, mostly sunny highs ranging from the seventies at the beaches. Around 100. The valleys in the I E. This report brought to you by the California Labor and Workforce.

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