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And dishwasher andrea too so don't ask me dude x._m. I happily clean up the house. <hes> go get her car service. What would you what what what is she not liked to do that. She would appreciate you doing a typical typical woman. She loves to shop. Can you say that these days so you can shop she doesn't she doesn't do it excessively well. She'll bayelsa so i don't ever denier of eighty she wants to do she can do but i guess if she wanted to. She wanted to go away for a weekend with some of my girlfriends. Go hang out. I'm i'm all for that so i don't. I don't have anything that she does and i say no don't do that. She loves the workout. I encourage workout as much as she wants so she whatever she would. She went up to any agreement with me because i'm fine right okay great. What do you think you're so. It asked for what she would ask me to. Basically put my phone away and take guys shut off. No twitter good one would be willing to do that. You can't because of our business great great just went what ten days you connected nanny. I mean okay nothing whatsoever so i can do that when i go away for those ten days but if it was like a middle of the work week and i have to shut up twitter and my phone i would be a disaster for me. What lisa would say to me and i never i know she'll tell you know golfing. Oh yeah when he goes golfing she would try and you're right michael. She would try and limited limited on this trip to tahoe. She said there you are not playing more than two rounds of golf wouldn't doesn't that make you miserable and what i said i said i said okay okay but i may try and sneak in third round so that you know so i think she came in she goes. I'm playing tennis thursday at four o'clock and i go. That's exactly what i'm playing. My third round snuck it in she would say she takes a girl's trip. She would say okay you get the football prenatal and nice games in return. I cannot say no to any girls trip out so she would like right. She's going to u._s. Open next week. She's going to orlando to play tennis in a tennis tournament next month yeah but of course she's going to new york with a friend of hers and my mom and her mom in january january when you and i are here on a home and i like it she doesn't she would say that would give her a hall pass to do whatever she wants. But if you want to go to this football pre-nup dot com it's actually pretty smart. Move by buffalo wild wings because they're trying to us once they get you to sign the football pre-nup and it's binding that one thing take your partner can't do is they can't ban you from going to buffalo wild wings. You get to go to watch the games there whenever you want. It was once a week. Why would a spouse deny her husband or a a significant partner that.

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