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Brian calvert and sometimes the best outcomes in 2017 began in the heart of the disaster zone remember the fires that ravaged northern california in september i kept tabs on a group of fifty local firefighters who drove south to help all right it is amazing immunity down here for everything that they've been through our cheered absolutely made you can't go anywhere without stumbled wave that you their signs everywhere our local team is spent a lot of time on the fire line a lot of time but this is a day off dave how does the team planned to spend this particular day one of the firefighters off of awful fire department engine iaea you wear and orange cheered over at petah air travel territories fan and they have some or england that he went over to actually help and moved twenty tonnes of hey by no means is that the extent of their service one of the firefighters off bash allen rig with pockets of people that had volunteered to help again and ask what can we do out in the community 'cause we got a little bit of time off and uh they kind of directed towards the humane society 'cause everyone thinks the initial unifil pop ross the human life human impact and uh you know you don't you don't quite often think of the animals you can imagine there are a lot of animals in this farming community and then right behind the humane society is what's called the forgive me not arm it's have arm that they have um animal that uh the use of therapy for uh neglected and abused kid just south and with whatever we can do what does a hero do on a day off a he euro doesn't take a day off thanks for representing our area so well dave and crew they'll firefighter though is looking to get back at community anyway and this was just a great opportunity to help that kind of that niche of of the devastation down here by the way the group decided to use their eastside fire benevolent fund to help the forty firefighters who lost their homes while they were each out protecting other people's properties then there's the group of.

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