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I to our own horn they say, but what else can I do. It. Just amazing to me Spend a minute talking about the horses that we're gonna see compete in the Gold Cup later today. Well, this go cop in particular, everybody consensus is that this is probably the most competitive group. We've had a really really long time. Yeah. We've had camera can Ramsey bring over some fabulous forces, and that was really exciting for us. And what did I miss him? But this year, the locals, the locals are fabulous. We've got three top locals in the race. And everybody's excited about them. Because we haven't had a local wouldn't race in. Well, I years many many twenty years at least so not in star breath or Ganda those are the three local horses. Not in star is going for his eleventh straight win with a goal Cup. And he's made in the vocal charts. Well, then favorite night prowler pardon. Is he going to be the favorite? I was just going to get to the favorite. And I think you will be favorite simply because he's being written by Dhillon. Samuels? You know for the last three years in a row. So night prowler. He was recently purchased from Gulfstream by Thurday it seal today, it's is going for his seventh goal Cup win. So that combination. It's it's hard to go against history. You know what I'm saying? So you've got you've got owner going for his seven and the jockey going for fifth. That's a really that's that's a winning combination. I'd say we'll Rosetta prepared for David seal to win the Gold Cup later today. I have a full bottle of foursquare rum on my bar at home. So the minute his horse crosses the finish line in front. I'm gonna toast, sir. David with some foursquare rub. Yeah. A lot of know that please do how is how is he feeling? I know last year he was a little under the weather when he came to the go Cup is doing okay. Wonderful. Faithful recovered did have about of illness late last year. He went up to Miami had some work, none. And he when he got back. He said he's a new man. I really is really is so yeah, he's going to have a great day. He is going to have a great day. He's Safi Joseph down with him because Safi straightening divorce people. So yeah, he's he positive truly positive so. Well, I think they could do it rosette. You you sound amazing. We can't thank you enough for spending a little time with us here this morning, please say Hello to Robert force into everybody. There. We wish we could be there. But please, no. We are there in spirit, and we'll be doing everything we can to tune into the Gold Cup later today. We lost. There you go see your rosette. That's what you get for sitting back here. What a great experience wonderful people, and you can just hear it right in rosettes voice. This inside of everybody in Barbados is and what a day it's going to be and we will truly miss being there later this afternoon. Got to get to one final break. We'll come back in wrap up this edition. Tell you what the head later today on HR. And this is the forum on HR n presented by red brand fence manufacturing V mesh and non climb fence you see on horse farms worldwide Kentucky, our biggest celebrities have forelegs, thanks to Kentucky, proud horse country..

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