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Get it. It's actually quite net. CAST. So you so Adams doing. The first the. Wedding singer you're having badly. Chris Rock crushed rock and then. He. Is Doing. This movie calls me said I'm in Florida come out and do this one line or. What is it? He says is it it's You can do it and go what is it he said just get out here. We'll figure it out just fun. We'll have dinner that was his that was his. Now his his pitch we'll have dinner and I'm always up for a dinner. Come on explain it when you get out of here, you just do different ways and so sure enough basically, it was like a character that I did on Saturday night live Stevo. Steve Marino and it was a way to kind of do that in make silly way of doing things and showing up so they go. There's there's that guy don't want like you got to really care for others that guy is that's very close to are not exactly again. That guy decided that guy. So. Trust, him we went out and the thing that struck me about that movie was like the waterboy was, how would a good golfer he was he's a super competitive versus I remember I remember I was Saturday night live and I play tennis in high school I said, I'll bet you five hundred dollars right now. can be in tennis. And set six we left. got. Place to open up at midnight to one in the morning and he'd be be That's crazy. Competitive us. We've got the place to open up in Manhattan at midnight. He's not that way so. So he said we're out on the golf course and I played in a while and I see him in the sand trap and it's a nice golfing or like we were in Orlando. They got great golf courses there and it's like a drier grass with the ball runs really well there and. So I see him chip it out. Thirty thirty five feet from from deep sand bunker into the whole. All my and then I saw him hit another forty foot or like this. and. So I said if he's on and golf and he's really on his game on this movie and he really was he was absolutely on target for this and then made the quick changes to it. After the movie had come out the script was fantastic. It was silly screamingly funny and whenever they had like a a serious moment to express a story like it was a Like okay. When when the coach is talking to be really wanted gene wilder to play the coach. I mean I think that we're all heroes in and then like that was one of the the ideas you know and then gene wilder wanted to play the whole thing in in drag the whole time. And and so I said, well, you know that kind of have thought out to do this, and so it didn't work out But then like we ended up, he ended up meeting A. Henry Winkler. Henry's really. He really is really great now. Is Really Great..

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